Monday, February 23, 2009

Where Otis moves to step-down and eventually to OR.

Okay, O - as we now know he is called, is out of our unit. He is in step-down, and as of this AM, should have been in OR getting a valve. Whatever happened to get him from waiting to die to this, I don't care. The man is getting better, in spite of the dire predictions. So, he is a happy one.

I have enjoyed thinking about him and hoping for him and praying for him. I did make him the center of thoughts- and if that was anything that helped, then good for him.  I am glad he is getting out. I do think that he will be changed for the better when he leaves- he is talking, and more outgoing. I am glad. I hope I get to see him again.

Mrs. Reader did indeed die on Monday. I hope her passing was okay. Mr. W died this morning- I was with his wife as she said goodbye. She wanted to be alone when he passed, and she held his face, kissing him as he took his last labored breath. It was very peaceful- his pressure just kept dropping, and then asystole ... nothing dramatic, thank God, just quiet. She will be okay. And, she will see him soon.  

It's so very strange that we have so many patients on comfort care right now. I am not sure where this is coming from- but odd, and very atypical for us. We have two still there that are heading towards comfort care. I am not sure why we are keeping them- well actually, their 02 requirements are too high for hospice. So, we get them. It's okay, but I worry that we may miss a point where a patient that needs a bed does not get a bed.

Mr W continued to run into V-tach- I guess they had the same issue all weekend, too. I took a picture of him for his family and sent it to them- he looked great; this was before his horrific run of tach-flutter (!) and his at least 6 shocks- just last night. Talk about PTSS....  He was so grateful for that to occur- seems as if we should make computers available for patients in the hospital so they can stay in contact. His wife was just out of hip-replacement surgery and can not visit him. He heads to OR for LVD on Wed- I hope he makes it there. He is also on the list.  So praying for him, too.

So, here is the quote for the weekend. From Nikolas-  "Do not trust anyone who is wearing a bow tie in a code. Just don't".  Point taken. Patient did not even make it to us.... He was a bit pissed.... 

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