Monday, June 30, 2008

Style- and not in a fashion sense!

Style- what and how does my style impact how people read what I write, and do I convey what I want to write well enough to make sense?

For the past several years, I have written for the USPC(United States Pony Club) http://www. National Publication. Sometimes as myself, but often as a ghost writer for someone else. Several times I have had to write something for someone as if it were my point, but in all honesty, I often have not agreed with what I am supposed to be stating. Despite this, it has been some of my best writing! Nothing like seeing a letter to the editor that says "Great Article! Well stated, and I appreciate you sharing your viewpoint." Ha ha! It's not even HIM that wrote it! :) This is a big time where revisions have come in to play however- removing any traces of me- inserting whomever I am writing for. Googledocs is great for that!

So, IMO, style changes to suit the audience. For USPC, I am usually dealing with a mixed population of horse parents, as well as kids. Often when doing the writing for this publication, it has to be geared someplace between those two groups. Sometimes, I have had to address tough issues (deaths of horses and kids being an all too common one in the past year) and for that, there is more thought that has to go into the delicate balance.

Currently, I am rewriting the standards of proficiency. This is dry. No personality needs injecting, as a matter of fact, the less words, the clearer it is, the better it is. I bet you can tell, however, that I can get wordy! :)

In my younger years, I used to think that I needed to be...artsy in my writing. I now see there are many places to be in the written world, and while there is a time for that creativeness, I like being able to be readable by many.

First 328 blog entry

This is my FIRST blog for the class- 328. Yup, I am actually started! Now, I shall add/up load something (I follow directions very well, thank you very much!)

This is Wrainthur. If you did NOT have a lisp, you would call him Ranger. However, since Ranger has a large- LARGE parrot mouth, his name is Wrainthur. This took thought- a lot of thought. However, since his story is so very nice... but that is for another day!! Have to head out to finish the farm chores. Style, next!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

And she heads back to school

My primary reason for blogging right now is to begin writing again.

As I am going to be doing a lot of that soon!
Heading back to school, and going to finally be done. Degree in Written Communication with a slant towards creative writing, and a Human Bio minor.

Then to U of M for RN as a second degree!!

Which means, if all things go as I want them to go, that I will be done in 1 1/2 years. WOW! IF I do not get re-hired at the U, then I am thinking that I will really hit the books HARD and finish in a year. Can I? Will I? Stay tuned! I think I can- If I went every day this semester, I could finish even sooner. But since I have not gotten a call I have no way to know.

Can I also say? It's a fucking maze of confusion in getting classes. I mean that in every way. Its incredible. I get so excited thinging that maybe I might be able to be done in less 1 year, 2 months. Then...I start looking and it seems totally impossible! Good God...where is that life coach?

If I were to dream....

I would be a NP- working in a general office setting, seeing patients as they come in with coughs and colds, seeing babies and just being a good person for folks to see. In a small office in Tryon.

Thats the dream.

Dream on, Baby, Dream on. Reaching for the stars are closer.