Saturday, June 14, 2008

And she heads back to school

My primary reason for blogging right now is to begin writing again.

As I am going to be doing a lot of that soon!
Heading back to school, and going to finally be done. Degree in Written Communication with a slant towards creative writing, and a Human Bio minor.

Then to U of M for RN as a second degree!!

Which means, if all things go as I want them to go, that I will be done in 1 1/2 years. WOW! IF I do not get re-hired at the U, then I am thinking that I will really hit the books HARD and finish in a year. Can I? Will I? Stay tuned! I think I can- If I went every day this semester, I could finish even sooner. But since I have not gotten a call I have no way to know.

Can I also say? It's a fucking maze of confusion in getting classes. I mean that in every way. Its incredible. I get so excited thinging that maybe I might be able to be done in less 1 year, 2 months. Then...I start looking and it seems totally impossible! Good God...where is that life coach?

If I were to dream....

I would be a NP- working in a general office setting, seeing patients as they come in with coughs and colds, seeing babies and just being a good person for folks to see. In a small office in Tryon.

Thats the dream.

Dream on, Baby, Dream on. Reaching for the stars are closer.

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