Saturday, January 7, 2012


This is not going to be an "in order" post, because I am really behind (and yes, I was taught do NOT start anything with an apology but I am starting this with one because clearly I didn't listen.)

I am with Dr. Mason. I was told (perhaps warned??) that I was going to love him.  I do. It is one of the best rotations I have had, just because his patients adore him, he gives them every second they need, and he gives us every second WE need. How many people can do that? A lot to look up to and learn from.

First day? A lovely OP vaginal birth. Since it was my first birth that I was the center stage of, it was interesting. And beautiful. And the baby was perfect. Hard birth (OP means, at least from what I a can tell thus far is that is it going to be hard, and pushing a face up baby is often REALLY hard.) But she did it with a lot of coaching.  I am pretty sure I was more happy than she was at that point in time.

Monday brings a lot of scheduled births that are from high risk moms. Several were from clinic patients that we saw on Friday. I am very glad I get to see those births. I am really excited and I must say that being a part of bring life into the world is just...amazing.

There is a lot more to write, and I think I will be writing a bit more "personal" stuff soon, because a lot of personal stuff is happening. Not all of it's good (ah- a very atypical Annika Sentence!) so deserves a bit more explanation. But that will come next...