Saturday, April 28, 2012

pa school...done!

The two years are done- not like it was a breeze, but I admit being somewhat shocked that it’s done. The news has not “hit” me, or my inner me just yet- I am still waiting for the phone call, the notice in the mail, the certain something that says “No, you’re NOT done, you forgot X,Y or Z and you failed this, so sorry, no graduation for YOU!” I think it might hit me some time next week, when I am driving to get Nick in Vermont. Maybe then? I think I will probably need to stop, cry a good long time and then shake it off. 
I have not been the most stellar student- my class was filled with those. I was average. Smack Dab in the middle for most of everything. I think in the end, I was just that- and I am okay with that. I am not a chief, but am a very happy Indian.  Perhaps this is why I can look forward to being a good PA. I want happy, well taken care of patients. I am not a headline kind of person, but really happy to fly just under the radar, no waves.  
I actually really love patients. I am scared a huge big great deal about the next aspect of my life- lots of changes, but overall, the idea that I might make a difference in someones life, in a real way, is very exciting to me. (I add because my heart did indeed skip a beat or 3, that it’s as likely to be in a not-so-great way as I learn what it really means to practice the art of Medicine....)
I am excited about my job. It is in Asheville, at Mission Hospital in the ED. Scares me, yes indeed it does. But I am okay with it. I think my new boss might just be amazing. I only met her for a quick interview, but wow...she is one of those smart, savvy kind of women that make me darn excited to be working with her. My biggest fear is letting her down. I had several phone interviews, but when push came to shove, this is what I wanted, and I am really excited that I am heading there. Start day is June 11. 6 weeks from now. Very soon. Very very VERY soon. 
So, its done. The next post, which needs its own page and space is going to be about preceptors. Because, they are what made me ready for this next step.