Saturday, September 18, 2010

second semester already?

Yup. It is. 2nd semester of PA school and I am still here! Amazing.

It was a hellofa semester- partly because of PA school, partly because life reminded me that I am NOT in control and that I had better just hold on. So, I held, was exhausted, paid a physical price but made it in the end. No shining glory for me. A B kinda semester, which means passing, but...honestly, was horrid.

But I am here.

So, books- important. Very important. Mosbys? May be one of the worst books ever. So many edits that need to be done, it's just scary. I fixate on those, which, of course, does not help. I seem to also use the PA PANCE prep book a lot, which is great.

Anatomy has stuck more than I thought, but overall, not a terrific experience, although Dr. Tracy-Bee was amazing, the lab, which should have been even more amazing, was a crash and burn as we did not have a great lab instructor. I highly recommend Dr. B. She is worth it in the end.

Classes? Love Clin Med, and do love PE but I think I got off on the wrong foot. This semester seems to be better, but I have no idea until I actually get in there and do something. So, that is how it is. PathoPhys? Oh boy- hard to keep positive in that class. Dr. P is being to grow on me. And HCI, well, that is just a great class!  Stephanie is doing a great job- and the best part of all is that it keeps us positive about becoming a PA as we are actually doing something that seems related.

I had a bad experience on my comprehensive exam. First, my mom was in the hospital in A-Fib  and my patient had a total coughing attack in the middle. I think I failed, but oh well. Onto the next one (after I re-do this one...I would not have changed anything, in the end, at least. )

Hopefully I'll get better at this, as I do enjoy remembering what was....

I am going to post on the other blog, as my life

is really about being in school. But, again, I am totally aware that horses are it for me. I adore them. I love being with them. I love smelling them.

Everything about them? I love.  I sit in my wee office, trying to write and read, and I can look out and see them. I watch them eat and know what they are doing at all times, their activities, and the hierarchy of the herd. But the best thing about these boys is this: they get along. Really really well. They are good to each other (as much as horses can be) and they also love me. This may sound silly, but the nicker that Reason gives my car when I pull in the drive will often bring tears to my eyes. Both Tahoe and Wrainthur put their heads into my arms when I need it most, allowing me to cuddle them in a way a horse should not. I

I just...well, I adore them. I don't want fancy rings, or necklaces, or fancy cars. I want my boys to be happy, to look and feel outstanding and to always feel safe. That is what makes life ok for them- to feel safe.

I am so glad they are in my life....