Saturday, September 18, 2010

second semester already?

Yup. It is. 2nd semester of PA school and I am still here! Amazing.

It was a hellofa semester- partly because of PA school, partly because life reminded me that I am NOT in control and that I had better just hold on. So, I held, was exhausted, paid a physical price but made it in the end. No shining glory for me. A B kinda semester, which means passing, but...honestly, was horrid.

But I am here.

So, books- important. Very important. Mosbys? May be one of the worst books ever. So many edits that need to be done, it's just scary. I fixate on those, which, of course, does not help. I seem to also use the PA PANCE prep book a lot, which is great.

Anatomy has stuck more than I thought, but overall, not a terrific experience, although Dr. Tracy-Bee was amazing, the lab, which should have been even more amazing, was a crash and burn as we did not have a great lab instructor. I highly recommend Dr. B. She is worth it in the end.

Classes? Love Clin Med, and do love PE but I think I got off on the wrong foot. This semester seems to be better, but I have no idea until I actually get in there and do something. So, that is how it is. PathoPhys? Oh boy- hard to keep positive in that class. Dr. P is being to grow on me. And HCI, well, that is just a great class!  Stephanie is doing a great job- and the best part of all is that it keeps us positive about becoming a PA as we are actually doing something that seems related.

I had a bad experience on my comprehensive exam. First, my mom was in the hospital in A-Fib  and my patient had a total coughing attack in the middle. I think I failed, but oh well. Onto the next one (after I re-do this one...I would not have changed anything, in the end, at least. )

Hopefully I'll get better at this, as I do enjoy remembering what was....

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