Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Joy with a great friend...

I got a FB message from Jess today. She could come out. And she could ride. (If I said that I had one of those excited trills carouse thru my body, it would be quite true.)

It's been so long since she has been here that she had not met Poppi nor Izzy. Ummm serious time had passed. Jess is the best horse friend a person can have. She is fun (perhaps slightly crazy- does she feel pain??) and a fantastic instructor. I am ripe for instruction...and selfish in being very excited that Jess was going to be here. Plus, she is a busy grad student and gets the schedule thing. To say that Jess is busy is really quite the understatement.

Jess meeting the older Wrainthur

But back to instruction. Jess makes me work hard- and the horse work hard, too. Yet, somehow you finish feeling so...excited about everything. I always finish on the verge of tears. I realize that sounds silly, but I do- because I am so grateful.   So, I put Jess on Tahoe and I rode Wrainthur. I really wanted to see Tahoe go, and I wanted to see what Wrainthur would do.

And above is Jess on Tahoe in the indoor. He was really good- not sure if you can see the smile on Jess' face, but it's there!

We finished up the day by riding the boys around the farm on the trails, and was lucky enough that Art wanted to play with his camera.  The horses did not really want to oblige by keeping their ears up, but that's okay!

Jess meeting the older Reason

What I remembered is this: I love horses. I love them in the same way I did when I was 8 years old, galloping around on the end of a dog leash with some "trainer" asking me for a canter and pretending to buck. The same way I would play with my Golden and pretend she was an amazing jumper and train her in our yard to jump crazy things. The same way I tended to my breyer horses. It's the exact same love I had then as I do know. I love everything about them.

And what I know is this: They remain and will remain a part of my life forever. Because they are as much of me as I am of me.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Reason become a BIG BOY!! (and I continue thinking and my good luck continues)

Well it happened!  I blogged earlier about starting to work with Reason. Well, today I long lined him. And in the spirit of my earlier posts, one thing leads to another (this is how school girls get in trouble...not like I know anything about that... *blush*) and I took it a bit further. And for the love of all things equine, that darn little pony just walked right up to the plate and hit a home run.

Now, please know, I have no fucking clue how to long line. I mean I "get" it, but I don't know how to do what I get, if you know what I mean. So, it was kind of another Laurel and Hardy moment where I was untangling the lines, and trying to figure out how to run them thru the irons, and how to attach them, and why the hell are they so long????????  So, off we went. I wish I had pics, because I am sure there were moments that might have made the epic fail blog, of which (in my dreams) I am often the lead story.

Reason might have been the poster child for a well raised horse. Kind of like my daughter. Made me look good. He was...well, not just good but Tony-the-Tiger great. And then...as seems to be my way these days, I of course thought...

"hmmm, that went well. I had better get on him- just so he remembers his(eventual)job."

So I did. Outside. Using the Rock. With a  PITA JRT underfoot.

I might not be the sharpest pencil in the box (mixing metaphors I know... but this thought deserves as many as possible.) at times. I guess, however, that I am lucky sometimes and with Reason that has indeed been the case.

So, on I go. And I say...Walk on!  And he does. Remember 3 days ago when he only would back up, trying to get his head at my shoulder??  Well, that was not today!  So I decided  that since that went well, we might walk down the drive way.  I don't know how to upload to youtube- but I have a link to my FB page where I have some of the video posted.

Hope that works!! If it does, here is another....

I actually got everyone ridden today... Tahoe was good, Wrainthur was good,
although we did take a rather unintended spin in the woods due to a strange
piece of something that he has seen at least 100  times. 


So, hopefully more tomorrow!

what one does before becoming a PA-S

It's clear, I am scared. Scared a lot scared. I have poured myself into making cards again, have ridden more this week than any other in past memory(i spoke of that earlier- nice nice nice!). I have finally moved past the Taco issue (had to put that one to bed once and for all, and thank God I think I might have!)  I have walked into my "office" and thought about how I need to change it. Maybe I will start that today??
Maybe not. I keep feeling like I have something I am supposed to do today, and can't remember what it is!

Here are some of the cards. Some, I really like a lot...

This one made me want to do another...

and this one was that effort.
                                      I like my first one better, I think...But a happy mistake is the pseudo face that appears in the bottom right....

I then decided that I would try this.... 
This worked out okay- I think. That is the fiber stuff that I am SO not good with, but this was a cool way to use it, I think. I used UTTE for the enameling.

I then used UTTE to make this. It was on paper (Not such a good idea, 
as the actual image was non-existent once I fired it up...oops. Glad that I had outlined it first!

So, anyway, a few cards. I am now going out to feed...hope nothing "oops" greets me! Why is it with horses that so many "oops" happen?????

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Where I continue my riding(and do a lot of "thinking")

BHow sad is it that I am excited (and quite sore, truth be told) that I have ridden now 2 days in a row??? A total of 5 (count 'em) rides. Maybe 6 if I can move my ass from this chair. Not quite possible this moment.

So, today was the "Need to work Tahoe" day to ensure that we are on the right track recovering from his strange colic yesterday. So, out we came and work we did. I was not going to ride, but it was about 60 out, sunny, beautiful and so, well, seemed like a walk down the driveway was a good idea. Got to the end and seemed like a walk around the property was a good idea. Finished that and it seemed like a walk into the jump field was a good idea. Got in there and it seemed like trying to get him to walk over this log.was a good idea. (seeing the trend here?)

when you get closer, it appears a bit "stranger..."

but really, it's pretty small. But strange looking. Oh, and no natural or unnatural wings of any sort. That  admittedly might pose a problem.. and  I admit, it kind of did.

So, since my efforts on his back were a solid failure, I thought I'd lead him over. Another "OMG! These STUPID humans! But she has peppermints...better go, huh?" moment to be had by Tahoe.  So, he did. A few times. Even jumped the  bigger part, (kinda). So, I got on...outside, from the log (Big deal, you know- getting on an OTTB out in the open...Taco trained me well on this one- we never really did this safely.)  Tahoe was good and stood while I clamored on.  I headed towards the log again. He went once and then decided that he'd had enough of the human & pony show and decided that he might like to do something else instead. Pretty much anything else. Like pout. So, off I got again, and over we went again with me jumping with a great deal of excitement.  I got back on (still good about that, thankfully) and went thru our dance routine (again.)

 Then-his brain got clicking and he decided that perhaps jumping this damn log, where I wanted him to jump it, was a good idea.  Much better then just standing there with me clucking and telling him that it is a good idea to go over the damn thing. And that was that. Simple, huh?

Despite the fact that there was some weak discussion about this (no spurs nor crop made it kind of difficult to discuss. We needed to reason...) I am really proud of him. He DID it- was brave, and pretty honest. I mean, that is a big field, and he is not straight, and I am not solid. Could have (and should have) made for a disaster. But, this did not happen. He was good! So, back to the barn, rinsed off, and given an extra bit 'o' grain (which thankfully he ate right on up...wheew.)

So, onto Reason. Out we went to lunge. Yesterday he was very good. Well... good enough for me at least. I had already decided that I was going to walk him over the log when we  were done lunging. No dummy am I! I will show him early what XC might look like at the minnow level. So, today, well, the gas musta had a bit of water in it, as we were sputtering on the lunge. I was much more out of breath then Reason was (no dummy is HE!) at the end. He just did not have much of a game face. So I was not going to get on him and just walk him to the above log. But then,  I reasoned, I had better at least sit on him so he got the clue that this is what a big horse does. So I did. TOday we found 1st gear. Kind of like 1st base for a teenager- not what it will be, but the act is the same. We went forward. Not very fast, nor with any semblance of straightness, but we did go from point A to B- just not as the crow flies. A drunk crow, maybe. 

So, we got to the door. And .... I was going to get off, but it seemed like a good idea to see if he might walk up the hill. My reasoning was this: it was heading towards the barn. But, boy oh boy, it seemed very very far away.
We were brave and up the hill we walked. And yes, I was scared. Because all I had was a halter and a lead rope. Some times I wonder about my sanity.
So we got up to the barn and I lept off and handed Reason tons of peppermints and a big hug. He like both of those.  We headed down to the jump field, and he followed me over those willingly enough. I then decided (I did a lot of that today, didn't I?) that perhaps I should see if he thought going up and down the stone wall was a good idea. 
If you count
five stones over, that is where I aim for. Sweet  Reason jumped right up that wall...and right on down!

What a good boy!

He took it all as I would expect from Reason- in stride, without fuss. Nice boy! Goooodddddd Boy!

We then went inside, when I remembered that Reason did not exactly like baths so, I thought it would be a good idea to bathe him.  From this picture, I don't think he agrees!

All in all, another great horse day. The kind of day where you get to remember why you do all that you can do to keep them- and keep them happy, safe and sound. The kind of day where you sleep soundly at night, as both the mind and body are tired.

A glorious day and then Tahoe gets Nephrosplenic Entrapment- what????

the hell is that??  I had no idea. So. here is Tahoe earlier today...

He looks to be very happy, as he should have been. That changed in a big fat hurry...but several hours later, really.  
But prior to his  Nephrosplenic Entrapment...  (the good part of the story) we had the most lovely ride. He was perfect. I cantered him both ways (okay, this seems small, but this horse could buck me right on off should he choose- his canter is a bounding one, with great push from behind- all the better to buck with, m'dear!)  Then, we ventured outside down the drive, thru the XC pasture, and played on our log. Okay, since I don't really jump when no one is here, I walked over it. We did have a few moments when he thought that trolls and tigers lived under the logs, but overall, was pretty good!  THEN!

I took him over to our driveway stone wall. And without an issue, we began to circle and added in the wee drop to our circle and he was perfect again!  I was, needless to say thrilled. They say we get what we need, and not what we want...I did not WANT another horse, but I think I may have needed Tahoe.  I realize that is a bit backwards, but oh well, I'll take it. So, he was one of my rides today.

I have to say that the other boys were just superstars, too!  Reason was such a grown up! I lunged him, and then, again, without fanfare, got on him. Now, forward is not understood, as he walked next to me, right? So in his Reason way, he kept backing up, as I was saying walk on.  It took me a moment to figure out what he was doing. He was trying to figure out how to get next to me! Funny how I stayed the same distance the whole time- Silly Reason!  And Wrainthur was just fantastic, too! He went right to work, with a smile, and did everything I asked of him willingly and cheerfully.  

There are times in life where you pinch yourself and say..."I am the luckiest person I know!" and today was one of those days. Just perfect. I did not stress about dinner (and am snacking on Cap'n Crunch as I write this waiting for barn check."  I had that kind of happy that just deserves to be talked about. I took lots of pictures of the horses in the sun, and it was just...beautiful. Despite the mud. Beautiful!

Wrainthur with Tahoe peeking out...
Bobbi above and Tahoe an hour before his issues...

Then, I fed after dinner. Tahoe came in- slower then normal, and did not dive into his slop. He then began to toss his head, and for all intents and purposes, appeared to be colicing. Yet- he was pooping and farting. Hmmm. Vitals were off, HR was high at over 50, resp btw 20-30 and he was banging into the stall walls. He then would wrap himself around me as if to say...MOM! HELP!   The onset was quick enough that I was worried. So emergency call here we come!

So...what gives?  

Nephrosplenic Entrapment most likely! The onset is very quick and violent. They almost look like a neuro case. Nothing touches the pain that I possess and I know that we were very lucky that A) Christy came out...and B) I noticed it right away. I knew that the onset was very quick, and I knew exactly what he eats and well, it ended (thus far) really really well! He got a lot of drugs (I can't remember...bad horse mom!) and rectal was abnormal. No gut sounds on the left to speak of. HR was 54, resp 26+, temp 99.3. So, the rectal was abnormal because his bladder was over distended. His spleen was away from the body wall. And, the manure that was there was very wet and soggy.  He was tacky for his mucus membranes, however.  When she tubed him he was (rightfully) not a great patient. So, he bled- almost a 1/2 bucket full of blood (gross). This, however, was good for his speen, as it shrunk it some. In addition, we took him down to the indoor and made him RUN! He was now pretty sure that his human had gone totally nuts. But, then, about 10 min into it, you could see his hind end freeing up and he really seemed happier. the acid test was putting him back into his stall, and lo an behold, his dinner suddenly looked good!

So, I am heading back down to check on him and hope that all will be good. God...I was really scared for a moment....
Reason- later on in the day.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


He only walked in small circles, but none the less...I got on him
alone, without fireworks! Gooooood boy Reason!

K- I'm over it.

Feeling a bit sorry for myself I admit over the past few weeks. Done. Finished. Feeling okay.

So, I am heading out to the barn, but thought- hmmm, I'd update here. It's been over a week. I am entering my last week as an official non-student. It's been a semester, and guess what? I like it! Best change that way of thinking, huh?? We have a meeting with the entire class on Sunday for dinner. Then, on Monday, it's official. I am going to orientation. I will then become a PA-S.


Worked a lot of hours the past several weeks, but I am not planning on picking any more up. Therefore, I have 4 more 12's to work. I am going to miss a few of my co-workers so much- Mary, Kerry, Laura, Lauren, Lori, Andrea are a few that come to mind. They are very unique. Wonderful nurses.

So, more later, but off I go to finish feeding!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Okay now...

So, I just went back thru the CoTH forums and looked for Taco threads. Of course, there are several. I did not read them all- maybe I will some day- but I read enough to be amazed at what that horse went thru. He is such an amazing critter.... Actually, critter is never a word that should be attached to Taco. He would be much more likely to call himself an equine. Or Equid. I am not sure that he would know what that meant, but he still would call himself that.

But what remains is that he truly is amazing in how he just made it. Despite everything. Now, I have to say that I might not have gone that route again. Very expensive and heart-breaking. But I did, and so, here it is. And it is a testament to his vets and his support crew that no one ever gave up on him. He does have that special "zing" that makes him somehow worthy. And Taco is worthy. No question about it.

So onto the search for names for Tahoe. I keep thinking it has to be iconic- but for what? I am not sure. Something about this change, and flow and difference. Something that says change is mixed- not all good, not all bad. Something that included water. But, not sure.

but for memory road---here are some of the CoTH threads... The one I'd Love to find is of the CCI where it was an almost no go. But I think those are lost for good...sad....

Here is one thread... 
and another
and yet another

Friday, March 12, 2010

A Taco Day...

A day filled with reading entries about Taco...reliving the past thru my words and actually feeling how difficult that time was with him. It was REALLY hard, and I can hardly imagine that I sold him.

So what is strange is that it was the right thing to do. I know that. He is in a much better place for him- and therefore, it was/is the right thing. Stacy is fantastic with him and even as it is hard to say, I know that Taco has become a team with Stacy and has moved on. So, I come back to my kind of difficult place of knowing that what I want is not best. And I want best at all times.

My post earlier said that I try and see the bright side at all times. I do...and I remain committed to that. So, I am not exactly going in the right direction when I am sitting here in my personal quandary. Because I am not exactly seeing the bright side. Trust me on this, I want to.

So, the bright side is this. Taco is being fantastic. His jumping is amazing, and his flatwork is right back where it was 3 years ago before he got hurt. He looks amazing, and is happy. He has been really healthy, and all those hours and months of rehab and work really paid off. He made it...thru hell AND high water, he made it. And he could not have a better person than Stacy- and her support team is just amazing. It's all so clear and simple. Amy has done great things for both of them. And I can really see the progress in Stacys riding. It's quite impressive! I sure would not want them in my class at any show!

My bright side is I got into PA school.

God, maybe I just need to get over it. I just can't seem to....

Water water everywhere...

So I come outside today, and what do I find? I find that Tahoes stall is flooded with water. Like, maybe oh, 4" of water? I am NOT kidding. See pic at right.  This is because his waterer got off balance- so it suffered the worst of waterer issues- the weight fell on the wrong side and never turned off. I knew the moment that I walked in to the barn and Tahoe was trying to find a dry spot to stand on....none to be found. He hightailed it outta that stall right way!

So, for today, I spent an hour throwing out bedding that was really fine- until it became saturated with water. Like, oh, 50$ worth of bedding. How annoying! But, now, I see the light. Because now I know that I will have a TOTALLY clean stall! TOTALLY clean! New bedding, corners  clean, everything clean.

Now, that is good.

I always want to see the bright side- always. And I must say, that this is the only bright side of this mornings efforts. ;-)

Beautiful day here--if you like mud!

I emailed about my saddles. I want to ride badly- and the horses need it too. So, hopefully that can happen soon. I am planning on working this weekend for a few hours.  Then, 7 more shifts. After that, for the month of April and beginning of May? Horses horses horses.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I always said I had to go to Cat School. I have had cats before, but in this case, with our cats I am out of my league. So, this summer we ended up having 3 orphan kittens arrive at the farm. About 9 days old, they needed milk and lots of feeding. So, one found a home, but we ended up with 2...called (by me) Hilda and Zoey (or by the boys, Orange cat, and calico cat). Now, I have a lot of experience with orphans. What I know is that a mom (and dad) is VERY important, as they teach the rules. Zoey has obviously decided that she is a JRT. She burrows under the covers, sleeps right between Art and myself at night, and overall, runs the roost. Here are a few kitty pics. What can I say? I like the kittens.
Then, we have LUCAS who deserves all caps as he is HUGE. 

And then, Rocky, who deserves mention only because I am fairly convinced that nothing in the world loves me more then Rocky.

But then, there is Hilda- named for her crazy love of brooms.  Here she is, at about 12 days wrapped in Nicks arms. Cute, huh?

Can I publish

From my iPhone? Seriously! Wow
Sent from my iPhone

today is the day to be productive!

So here are a few pics that I have taken of the Tack Room Cleaning In Process. Okay, yeah, this is the feed room- sorry, but...
The water heater broke and therefore, flooded the tack room. So, we had to take every thing out. EVERYTHING.
This gave me the opportunity to clean the pit that it had become. Here is phase one...

What I found in the tack room has some kind of sad moments. I found Tacos feed bucket from oh-so-long ago (reduced feed as he was on stall rest- see entries in Feb) Daves SmartPak container and I also found, complete with milk drops in it, some of Reasons milk buckets. Now, this had nostalgia attached to it, but also a certain amount of YUCK factor. Really? I am that bad? Gross.

So, after attempting to solve the Privacy vs, want people to see things, here I am! Heading back outside, trying to get things clean enough before the vet gets here....shots, coggins and more today! Chaching!
here are some horse pics... pics of horses

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just so there is always a record...

I have taken the blog posts from COMH and made them here- dated them Feb 1,2 and 3 2008- which is about the time frame the posts took place during. I have tagged some of them- Taco, Wrainthur, Reason. ;-)
I am thinking about where I am today- where I was 2 years ago, and what will happen in 2 years. My God- the past 3 years have flown by. I just realized that Taco's injury (which defines time for me) happened 3 years ago. If I look back on the blogs, I bet that I can find posts from them. Or maybe on the COMH page? I'll look and post.

So- what is now... Off to PA school. I met Nick D today- what a great guy he is and will be a terrific class mate. I am meeting with Shannon and Anne on Thursday. So, I am happy about that, too.

And, 2 years from now I will be in Clinicals. And looking for a real job. And thinking about moving. And...and...and. So, that is that, really. 2 years ago I was somewhat blissfully unaware of things- and little did I know that the changes they were a comin' .

I am excited that I can carpool- and excited that I can still spend time with the horses. I can assume that this blog will then trend towards school, but hopefully will still have some of the horse stuff, too. Because now I know, no mistaking it, they remain as the most important thing other then family I have. So, with that, here are some pics of the boys that make me happy!

More later...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The eyes

There is nothing as amazing to me as the eyes of someone that is vented- where you know that the person is there- ready to enter back into life and take over their own breathing. There are some patients that just grab you with their eyes, pulling you closer and asking the hardest question of all-why?
Those patients are the ones that I take with me when I leave. I have never been a person that things about prayer as a way, often resorting to the COTHism of jingles. For these patients, the ones that stay in my vision, these are the ones that I think about during my days off.
I think that being able to be an active part in these patients lives will be one of the best parts of being a PA....