Thursday, October 22, 2009

Here is what I hate

I hate feeling stupid- I hate allowing others to make me feel stupid. I hate the feeling of losing my control over my emotions. I hate this sort of despair that comes at this point in the semester. I hate being sad.

Taco is sold- even reading the earlier post made me cry. It's such a loss for me. But oh well- I know everything that we went thru. It was a lot. But, here i am...really none the better. Isn't that supposed to be the end result of things? But no, I am none the better.

Doc is with Kelly. Very exciting. He is doing great. And I think I may try and keep him- but question that. Wrainthur is in Tryon, recovering from surgery on his hock- caused by another horse kicking him.

I have an interview in Nov and Dec. I am so sad that this has happened yet. I have a friend that has an offer and she is thinking about not taking it! What the hell is she thinking????????? My God- just to get an interview is great- and then an offer? And then not to take it??

Of course I worry that I won't get in. But over all, I guess it's all okay-

Now to balance my accounts (cuz being sad seems like such a good idea....)