Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Assignment: Edit this short article. At the bottom, note what changes you made and why you made those changes.

A suspect who robbed an 84-year-old woman was captured with the help of an Ann Arbor Police dog named Czar and his partner, Officer Jeff Robinson.

Police said the woman was walking to her car at the Krogers on South Maple Road at about noon when the suspect came up from behind her, grabbed her purse, then ran off.

Czar and Robinson tracked the suspect and found the purse about 400 yards away. They continued tracking eastward ending in the 800 block of South Maple Road where witnesses told Robinson that the suspect ran into an apartment at the __________complex.

The suspect was found in the apartment of a releative and taken into custody.

The suspect is an 18-year-old Ann Arbor man. Pending arraignment on Sunday, he is being held at the Washtenaw Country on the count of unarmed robbery, a 15-year felony.

The Ann Arbor woman was uninjured and her personal property returned.

“It’s an excellent job by Officer Robinson and his dog,” said Ann Arbor Police Sgt. Pat Ouellette. “The dog was a key component to taking the suspect into custody and recovering the purse.”

Clinton Profile....



For this entry, I am primarily referring to the TImes article, unless I mention USLiberals. I did this for the contrast, again, personal reasons.

I chose to find a profile story on Hillary Clinton. I admit this was for purely personal reasons, as she is someone I have found complex, and in all honesty, don’t think I would like her as a person if I met her. Ah, but I found out more, and this article made her seem much more "human" to me- a nice thing!

What I liked was the profile piece made her seem likable- in spite of being called “fierce” and using words such as “bitter’ in describing both her and her political campaign in the last election. While these words seem to point towards subjectivity, the writer has done well using their comments to not seem subjective, but rather descriptive- yes, close bedfellows, but important difference.

The profile piece never describes her in a physical manner- which makes me wonder if it had been a male, would the same standards apply? I sense a bit of “over correction” in this tendency. This article did make me move into other articles, and that was nice- I learned more. Perhaps a benefit of online news?

The article in the Times did not discuss her marriage, as the first one did USLiberals. I think that is okay, as it did mention (and perhaps needlessly so) her as the “FIrst Lady” and the fact she traveled to more then 80 countries. Perhaps this was in support of her being chosen as Sec. Of State? Not sure.

I do not pick up any sort of opinion in the Times article, but do in the USLiberals article. I think that is because the USLiberals article was written for, well, US Liberals.

In both cases, I did come away with a nice understanding of Ms. Clinton, and while she still would not have gotten my vote (Obama is just...Obama), I do think meeting her would be great. She is really an outstanding woman- and one that perhaps we should point our young woman toward emulating- Brittny, move aside!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A new week begins

So, it appears that I am further along then I thought on the app process for PA school- or rather, I can begin applying this summer, which is somewhat of a surprise, as I was fairly sure that I would not be ready until fall. My pre-reqs will be done, and have a good enough average to put me more at the top of the heap- I have over 5000 hrs of patient care/contact. I have people that are willing to write rec letters for me. I have initiated my calls to shadow- need to call Matt and also Elise C and see if I can shadow them during the next several months. I also am changing my work schedule to a rotating Mon night, Tues Night, then Tues night, Wed night- or it least it appears this way! Never say for sure on this unit- because it will for sure change!

Other then that, 4ish more weeks of school- heading down the final stretch, pretty happy about this, gotta say. Need to check into classes for this spring summer(Obvious that I can't take "normal" classes...my work schedule won't allow for that....)

So, honestly, it's happening- I AM on this road, I AM getting there, I AM going to be there and be done. I see the light above me, just have a couple more big tunnels to get thru and climb. But, its gonna happen!

As another note- I did get to ride this past week, rode Wrainther and actually sat on Reason. what a total THRILL that was! Just walked him down the aisle, but that was totally okay with me. I loved being able to sit on him- he has an amazing walk, and hints at other amazing gaits. He did it all with a "okay, this is fine, and what I expected" attitude. I am really thrilled for that. If I can just walk him for the next 3 years, he, when I get out of school, will be ready to go. Also exciting to think about that, too!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


crazyness right now.
Many reasons- pressing reasons- hard reasons-
Jas is 27. Cafe Express closed (finally, perhaps, an end to that part of my life? I still hold onto loving that, doing that, being that- even tho it was over 20 years ago...such a terrific thing it was, we were.

A2 news is also closing. That perhaps signifies the greatest change, or the greatest "ping!!!" to my daily life- if they leave, what is happening? The world is really changing quickly, and I am not sure i am keeping up, for the first time ever.

My dad is really sick- Marc is being great- as much as i miss him, am grateful for his help on this. It's hard. The process is what is scary for me- I sense

Ross is also very sick- perhaps depression also (like really...why would that be? Hmm? I guess you always think about "payback" but in this case, that seems quite unfair- he is really sick...!)

Art continues to be depressed and does things to "self fulfill" what he considers the world at this point. After telling him to "check the oil- when DID you get the oil changed last?? I know that oil pan is going to go bad..." for the past several weeks and him saying that he would get to it, he (of course) didn't and of course, the truck (My TRUUUUCCCKKKKKK!!!!!) died yesterday. Of course that means he might have to get the lexus fixed (It's been sitting in the garage for, oh, a month as he drives my truck back and forth to work...)

This is the stuff that makes my psycho-crazy. Like totally nuts. A small, yet concrete example of what is the issue is. At some point, it has to be addressed before I get too angry. This is not the time to make quick moves, or rash moves, it's the time for slow, careful thinking.

As Christy says, we have to take care of our resources. This is a resource. The cars and house are a resource. It's all resources.

Chicken query letter

Dear Midwest Living:

Who would have thought that keeping chickens could cause a debate in city council? In Ann Arbor, it has been come a hot topic during council meetings, sparking conversations on both sides of the fence.

In early 2009, the keeping of chickens within the city confines became legal in Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor has modeled their ordinance after a similar one that Madison, Wisc has in effect. As in Madison, certain restrictions apply- to protect both the hens and the nearby homeowners.

Only a small handful of permits have been applied for in Ann Arbor due to the timing of the legislation passing. However, it’s clear the movement is catching on across the midwest. It’s expected that this sping more permits will be issued in Ann Arbor. The sale of chicks has increased according to hatcherys; more homeowners are interested in taking up raising hens, both for the eggs as well as the entertainment chickens provide to their urban owners.

I think your readers would like to read about keeping chickens in their own back yards. There are numerous benefits- including answers to the most pressing question of all; Chickens provide outstanding fertilizer for gardens, with minimal smell. In addition, their eggs are more nutritious then store brought eggs. The hens do provide entertainment with minimal work once the coop is built. As people consider their food sources, people find knowing where their eggs come from is a benefit. And perhaps of greatest interest to readers- back yard chickens come in “Designer Hens” varieties! They can (and do) get hens to match their homes decor.

I think the time is here for an article outlining the purchasing and care of chickens in a urban envoinment. There are many possible side bars that can spring from this; a tie to your cooking section on the use of eggs, the benefits to gardens, and of course, the joys that chickens bring to their owners.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Annika Kramer
4109 Sylvan Road
Grass Lake, MI

Saturday, March 21, 2009

J Q 6

Are embryonic and fetal stem cell research morally acceptable? Why orwhy not?

Totally. It seems to me clear in this case. I see no harm for anyone in this, and do not think we would head down the slippery slope that some seem to elude would happen.

This is one of the easiest questions for me to answer without too many "what if" thoughts attached. In both cases, the fetus and embryo alike would not be "alive" unless pregnancy would be continued or in the cases of embryonic even begun.

I think this has great potential for many things- I am not sure we should consider using this to correct genetic things- although I am aware that is one of the main things it's used for in cases of Parkinson's, and I know that many diseases might also be considered genetic. I don't so much mean those cases. I mean moving into the area of genetic modification via the stem cell avenue.

In the case of trauma, nothing seems clearer to me then the use of stem cell therapy. If this can work (ignoring the possible ethical results of such testing for now) then I am all for it. Again, mentioning our employee that went to China, he does have feeling in his legs, and can move them slightly. Before this, was totally unfeeling.

As far as getting the material, if there is no cost in obtaining the cells for use, then the possibility for abuse in this area seems unlikely- much the same as organ donation. While the thought was organ farms, and many a scary movie was created about this- I don't think it's happened just yet.

Hi all. Here is your 5th journal question:

Linda Purdy argues that in situations of genetic risk, it is immoral to
conceive a child. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

That's a hard one- probably for a few reasons this would depend on whether the person knew before they got pregnant . For this journal entry, I will assume that this is known beforehand, and not discovered during pregnancy.

As a couple contemplates pregnancy, I think it does behoove them to consider the life their child might lead if they were predisposed to a genetic illness. I am not sure where that line needs to be drawn, however, as once consent has been given from the woman, is it okay to terminate a pregnancy?

In this case, I do not think it is okay to terminate. As I write this, it feels wrong. It is an emotional response to be sure, and one that is complex as the variety of cases that could occur as a result of such a finding. If you found out that your child was going to be born with a condition that was life threatening, and painful medical conditions would happen, then I would consider a heart wrenching decision that a couple would have to confront themselves.

Back to the original assertion- One knows with a high degree of certainty that their child is likely to be born with a condition that would be life threatening, life limiting, and debilitating in all available resources. Is this morally responsible behavior?

As horrifying as this is for me to say, I do NOT think it is responsible. If a child is to enter this world, a world that is difficult at best- to enter with such problems to start seems quite unfair to the unborn child.

I place faith, too, that anyone that takes the time to get genetic testing would have done so knowing that they did not want to risk having a child that might have issues that would prove difficult.

Ah! But here is the thing! I got into work tonight- and lo and behold- we have a woman who is 24, on her 4th pregnancy, and is vented with an isolette outside her room, as if she codes, a c-section will have to be performed. ( not common, nor a good idea to perform this sort of thing on a cardiac ICU...) This woman has a congenital heart defect. She knows- and was told that she should not have children. So, she has 4. Well, this baby, if born alive, will have been subjected to many medications, and will be born very early (she is currently 27 weeks along)

I don't know if this heart condition that will be passed along- what I do know is that these kids will not have mom that is capable of taking care of them- once one has gotten to this place, things are not going to be good.

Do I think feeling this way is "right"? Nope, I don't. I feel bad about this, seems judgemental- which I hate to think of my self being. But, this woman has done a disservice to herself and her children. For many reasons- I think this is wrong. Again, makes me feel like a heel.

Okay, and taking this one step further- education probably plays a role in this. Perhaps again not the way to feel or think. In looking at my first thought- if someone did have the knowledge, you'd hope they would think about the ramifications.

I just learned that ain't necessarily so.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Story Outline

I would like to look at the move towards eating locally, and the moves that people have made in our area because of this phoneme.

I want to interview Community Farm, a local farm that grows in community gardens. I also would go to the farmers market in various communities and interview the growers and merchants that take the time to sell their products there.

I would try and interview people at the markets, and ask why they have chosen to go to the Farmers Markets, or invest in Community Farm. In addition, I would look on the web to see if there are any other articles and ideas that I can get more ideas from.

I do not think I will focus on the economy, as I believe it might be more expensive to eat this way. But, I would as a few why they chose to spend more in order to support Community farm and the Farmers Market, since spending is a choice.

The other idea that I have is keeping Chickens. I know this is a hot topic in A2 right now- and think it's interesting.

I have looked at few web sites, and spoken to a few people- McMurrys sells chicks and has seen their sales soar in the past few years. A lot of classrooms are hatching chicks again- which is also kind of interesting.

I would like to interview people that have worked to get chicken keeping legal in A2, and also talk to some that are opposed. I would also go to the web and see what is needed to keep chickens in the city- and the cost per egg (chickens do not lay an egg a day, but rather 2 eggs for every 3 days on average- but not in the winter, where they go on strike...which I feel like doing!)

My lead would probably be simple and to the point. Why does Mr. so and so want Chickens in his small yard on Washtenaw? I need to work on my leads, as I tend to get my first sentence and then work from there.

I believe that working on the Chicken Story will probably be what I end up doing. I think it's timely, and interesting, and different from most things- and it's interesting to many, I would think. :)

Outlne of final story.

While there are no roosters crowing in the Smiths back yard, there are chickens. Thanks to a recent change to the laws in Ann Arbor, the Smiths can keep 4 hens- enough to keep their family, and their grateful next door neighbors in eggs for most of the year.

"The eggs are good but this is hardly a cost effective venture!" says Smith. She stands in front of their homemade coop holding Mrs. Lakenvelder, a large mostly white hen who seems very content in her arms.

It seems as if keeping chickens has more to do with keeping chickens as pets rather then the eggs they produce. A pet with benefits, according to Smith.

According to many, the eggs taste better then store brought eggs.  Mother Earth News magazine has an article discussing the differences, including a heathful  1/3rd reduction in chloresterol.

Grocery store eggs are often older then two weeks since they have been laid. Home eggs are often less then a couple hours old-and fresh eggs are certainly better then older eggs. The hens are allowed to be out, are fed food that the owner controls. 

Need to match your coop with your house? Designer eggs are even possible-the shells can be colorful in hues that are multicolored- brown, green or even a pinkish tinged eggs come from specialized hens bred to produce "easter eggs". It gives new meaning to Green Eggs and Ham- although once you crack the egg, they all look the same.

Turns out there are more benefits to keeping the hens then their eggs. They are quite entertaining. The term pecking order comes from hens and their social status within their group. Watching hens walk around, scratching for something under the surface, clucking at each other, occasional chicken tag, it's like watching water or fire- it's always changing. These are very busy girls.

Even the byproduct of keeping hens- manure- can be beneficial. Many chicken owners turn it into compost for the garden. Here is an article about making Chicken Manure tea. While not a topic of dinner conversation, knowing what might benefit your plants seems like a good idea. 

"All around, we benefit- and I like the fact that our kids will see where their food comes from." says Fetner. The chicks that the Fetner's ordered last year are now the ones that are producing the eggs in their small flock. On average, she collects 2 to 3 eggs a day, more then enough for her family and neighbors.

Fetner and a few friends ordered their chicks from McMurrys Hatchery, one of the most popular hatcheries, and an impessive source of "Mail order chickens".

To keep chickens inside the city limits, you have to order just hens. This is to cut down on the crowing that rooters are known for- while enjoyable to some, it does have it's opponents. 

McMurrys has solved this dilemma with orders of only female chicks available- more expensive then "straight run" where the chicks are not sexed before sending out.

Pullets, female young chickens are in demand and often much harder to get then straight run chickens. Pullets range in price from about $2 to over $5 for a day old chick, whereas their male counterparts are often half that price.

There is one other problem with mail order chicks-the number that must be shipped in order to ensure a survival rate.

"Our first order of chicks the hatchery told us to expect 20 percent to die. So, we ordered the minimum 25. Since it was really cold that February, they sent us 32- thinking attrition might be greater then 20 percent," says Tammy Fisher, a teacher at Honey Creek Community School who ordered chicks for her class to raise a few years ago.

"I guess we are good chicken farmers- only two died. So, we ended up with 30 chicks that needed homes." Fisher says she had quite a few chicks turned chickens living in her garage before she found homes for the hens. 

While Fetner ordered  day old chicks, many choose to get hens that are already laying. This also quickens the egg laying process- a hen does not lay eggs until she reaches the age of at least 15 weeks. You also can get 4 hens instead of 25 chicks.

A quick look on Craigslist provides a few chicken farms in the Ann Arbor area. The A2citychicken , a web site dedicated to chicken farmers in the Arbor Area can direct you to many local sources for chickens that are already laying, coops and advice for keeping hens in the Ann Arbor area. The price of a hen ready to lay is about $15. 

While there have only been 11 permits for chickens inside the city limits since June 2008, the numbers seem likely to increase since orders of chicks have increased for the SE Mich area.  According to the Facebook group, Urban Chickens, there is an anticipated shortage of chicks available this year.

 Chicken keeping is fun, and provides organic, free range eggs for your family to enjoy. It is becoming a serious hobby for many. Perhaps this is the Martha Stewart phenomena- she has touted the benefits of keeping chickens in her magazine and blog. When you have chickens in your back yard, you control what they eat and how they live. "It's all good."

If you want to learn more about urban chicken keeping, you might want to check out Keep Chickens- a comprehensive guide to keeping chickens in urban settings. 

Want to keep hens in Ann Arbor? Click here for a permit!

Left- Martha Stewarts Chicken Coop