Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Story Outline

I would like to look at the move towards eating locally, and the moves that people have made in our area because of this phoneme.

I want to interview Community Farm, a local farm that grows in community gardens. I also would go to the farmers market in various communities and interview the growers and merchants that take the time to sell their products there.

I would try and interview people at the markets, and ask why they have chosen to go to the Farmers Markets, or invest in Community Farm. In addition, I would look on the web to see if there are any other articles and ideas that I can get more ideas from.

I do not think I will focus on the economy, as I believe it might be more expensive to eat this way. But, I would as a few why they chose to spend more in order to support Community farm and the Farmers Market, since spending is a choice.

The other idea that I have is keeping Chickens. I know this is a hot topic in A2 right now- and think it's interesting.

I have looked at few web sites, and spoken to a few people- McMurrys sells chicks and has seen their sales soar in the past few years. A lot of classrooms are hatching chicks again- which is also kind of interesting.

I would like to interview people that have worked to get chicken keeping legal in A2, and also talk to some that are opposed. I would also go to the web and see what is needed to keep chickens in the city- and the cost per egg (chickens do not lay an egg a day, but rather 2 eggs for every 3 days on average- but not in the winter, where they go on strike...which I feel like doing!)

My lead would probably be simple and to the point. Why does Mr. so and so want Chickens in his small yard on Washtenaw? I need to work on my leads, as I tend to get my first sentence and then work from there.

I believe that working on the Chicken Story will probably be what I end up doing. I think it's timely, and interesting, and different from most things- and it's interesting to many, I would think. :)

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