Saturday, March 21, 2009

J Q 6

Are embryonic and fetal stem cell research morally acceptable? Why orwhy not?

Totally. It seems to me clear in this case. I see no harm for anyone in this, and do not think we would head down the slippery slope that some seem to elude would happen.

This is one of the easiest questions for me to answer without too many "what if" thoughts attached. In both cases, the fetus and embryo alike would not be "alive" unless pregnancy would be continued or in the cases of embryonic even begun.

I think this has great potential for many things- I am not sure we should consider using this to correct genetic things- although I am aware that is one of the main things it's used for in cases of Parkinson's, and I know that many diseases might also be considered genetic. I don't so much mean those cases. I mean moving into the area of genetic modification via the stem cell avenue.

In the case of trauma, nothing seems clearer to me then the use of stem cell therapy. If this can work (ignoring the possible ethical results of such testing for now) then I am all for it. Again, mentioning our employee that went to China, he does have feeling in his legs, and can move them slightly. Before this, was totally unfeeling.

As far as getting the material, if there is no cost in obtaining the cells for use, then the possibility for abuse in this area seems unlikely- much the same as organ donation. While the thought was organ farms, and many a scary movie was created about this- I don't think it's happened just yet.


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