Sunday, March 29, 2009

A new week begins

So, it appears that I am further along then I thought on the app process for PA school- or rather, I can begin applying this summer, which is somewhat of a surprise, as I was fairly sure that I would not be ready until fall. My pre-reqs will be done, and have a good enough average to put me more at the top of the heap- I have over 5000 hrs of patient care/contact. I have people that are willing to write rec letters for me. I have initiated my calls to shadow- need to call Matt and also Elise C and see if I can shadow them during the next several months. I also am changing my work schedule to a rotating Mon night, Tues Night, then Tues night, Wed night- or it least it appears this way! Never say for sure on this unit- because it will for sure change!

Other then that, 4ish more weeks of school- heading down the final stretch, pretty happy about this, gotta say. Need to check into classes for this spring summer(Obvious that I can't take "normal" work schedule won't allow for that....)

So, honestly, it's happening- I AM on this road, I AM getting there, I AM going to be there and be done. I see the light above me, just have a couple more big tunnels to get thru and climb. But, its gonna happen!

As another note- I did get to ride this past week, rode Wrainther and actually sat on Reason. what a total THRILL that was! Just walked him down the aisle, but that was totally okay with me. I loved being able to sit on him- he has an amazing walk, and hints at other amazing gaits. He did it all with a "okay, this is fine, and what I expected" attitude. I am really thrilled for that. If I can just walk him for the next 3 years, he, when I get out of school, will be ready to go. Also exciting to think about that, too!

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