Tuesday, March 24, 2009


crazyness right now.
Many reasons- pressing reasons- hard reasons-
Jas is 27. Cafe Express closed (finally, perhaps, an end to that part of my life? I still hold onto loving that, doing that, being that- even tho it was over 20 years ago...such a terrific thing it was, we were.

A2 news is also closing. That perhaps signifies the greatest change, or the greatest "ping!!!" to my daily life- if they leave, what is happening? The world is really changing quickly, and I am not sure i am keeping up, for the first time ever.

My dad is really sick- Marc is being great- as much as i miss him, am grateful for his help on this. It's hard. The process is what is scary for me- I sense

Ross is also very sick- perhaps depression also (like really...why would that be? Hmm? I guess you always think about "payback" but in this case, that seems quite unfair- he is really sick...!)

Art continues to be depressed and does things to "self fulfill" what he considers the world at this point. After telling him to "check the oil- when DID you get the oil changed last?? I know that oil pan is going to go bad..." for the past several weeks and him saying that he would get to it, he (of course) didn't and of course, the truck (My TRUUUUCCCKKKKKK!!!!!) died yesterday. Of course that means he might have to get the lexus fixed (It's been sitting in the garage for, oh, a month as he drives my truck back and forth to work...)

This is the stuff that makes my psycho-crazy. Like totally nuts. A small, yet concrete example of what is the issue is. At some point, it has to be addressed before I get too angry. This is not the time to make quick moves, or rash moves, it's the time for slow, careful thinking.

As Christy says, we have to take care of our resources. This is a resource. The cars and house are a resource. It's all resources.

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