Monday, February 2, 2009

I think it's possible

to feel something that you can't prove.

Because I have, so much like some post much earlier on, since we are as humans, (and I am certainly human,) essentially selfish beasts, since I have, it's proven. To me. (none of this makes any sense, but tonight, that does not surprise me at all.)

Which is fairly funny, as I just got told that I might be a good free-lance writer.(Right after that email, I removed this blog from search engines- and any links to the other blog that I am keeping for Feature writing) I guess my writing had better tidy up before that occurs. :-) Note to self- Do Not Write Anything Important When You Have Gone Visiting Instead of sleeping.

back to my point- (which was???) Ah, yes, feeling when it's not tangible. Yes, I have done this. I know it. I know it might be something close to prayer- not in that sense (altho it felt as strong as that feeling- but that is a whole other topic....) but in the wholeness of it.

I felt every breath, every touch, every movement. I think it's interesting that it was the back of my hand, not the front (even if that is what I wanted to do, it was not right) that I used, and my breath was as much of a touch as anything else. I did not want to disturb (it was late...) but wanted and needed the contact. I sensed another was there- or even more then one other. I missed...and it felt good.

So, was it real contact? How can I say it was? I really can't. But it was something, something lovely, something somthing.

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