Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Story Angles

I would like to use the Martin Bandyke story that just happened in Ann Arbor. Martin John was laid off from the local station 107one- as far as I know, the only station that is germane to A2, and very important to the area. It appears to be owned by a larger company- and that company appears to not be located in A2. From what I can tell, with the tiny amount of looking, it is a rather large conglomeration and therefore, as much as I perceived 107one as local, it really was not. Martin John brought that feeling to the station, which is valuable in itself

There are a few angles I would think about- I know I would probably choose the profile of Martin John, but could also look at a few other ideas.

First would be the profile- He has been in A2 for 3 years (or close to) and A2 radio really has been about this station, which features Martin on the weekdays, as well as a nice segment called Fine Tuning on Sundays. He also is very involved in the local music scene, and knows a lot about the areas talent. He did a lot of community service, and was involved in a lot of local fund raisers, inc the Humane Society of Huron Valley. All in all, an interesting guy, and one worth a nice profile.

My second idea would be to look at the A2 radio scene- and how it has evolved and why it's facing such pressures financially. This is a big change for the station, and certainly a big risk. Why is radio in trouble? Is this a nationwide trend? What has satellite radio done to the local markets?

I would also think about doing something like "the day of a DJ" I think it would be interesting to see what others do, as well as looking at what Martin John did.

I also think an article looking at the local music scene would be nice- Martin did a lot with locals, and it would be interesting to hear more about them, and how important someone like Martin is to their getting noticed. Even if he is still not on the radio, I would guess that he will continue to be involved and finding out from him what he thinks about local talent would be neat, too.

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