Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Leads and other important things....

Ann Arbor seems like a quiet town. Next to its news noisy neighbor Detroit, what can happen in such a small town? Plenty, says Greg Stejskal, former FBI agent that was based out of Ann Arbor for over 25 years. 

During his career Stejskal has been involved in the unibomber case, the Oklahoma City Bombing case, the first case of internet threat brought to the attention of media- just a few cases that had ties to the Ann Arbor area.

Imagine someone told you that the MLB knew about the use and abuse of steroids years before it became the cover of SI. Imagine you were the person that told the MLB commissioner that steroid abuse was a  problem and no one did anything about it. Imagine your frustration when the public outcry was so riotous that it was the cover of every newspaper for weeks- ten years after your investigation. If your name was Greg Stejskal, there would be no need to wonder- you would know.

In his years at the helm of the Ann Arbor division of the FBI. Greg Stejskal has seen many criminals do stupid things. When a suspect jumped into a lake in _____township, surrounded by FBI SWAT team members with guns drawn, Stejskal knew this was the top of the list for his Darwin Awards given out during  his career. 

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