Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The lost post (why doesn't this surprise me?)

I must be in some sort of strange vortex of something- as I KNOW I wrote this already, and I can be fairly assured that I wrote it better before. The joys of stream of consciousness writing... I just write!

So, my man, Mr. G. Got his story- in a nutshell, go to the dentist, and don't forget to take care of your teeth. :-) His story (and again, I might not have this all right) happened as he got a pacer, a lead got infected (from the tooth) which then spread to his spinal column. From there, it just got worse, and the cardiomyopathy built on everything else. He was being hit with the showers of bacteria, which (again might not have this right) was settling in his brain, as well as his abdominal cavity. Dentists removed 3 teeth this past week and there is hope that this might be something that allows him to live a bit longer.

(Oh, I did write about this, just further down- I am NOT crazy!)

Here is what we don't have right now. And I am grateful. As much as I am looking forward to doing my piece on this, it's one hell of a shit disease. Antiphospholipid disorder- have not seen any of that for the past few months. I admit to seeing enough to last me a life time, given the horror that it is. We also have not had a postpartum cardiomyopathy. Another one that is tough. I do think my theses will be on APS.

So, today was good otherwise. very nice emailing back and forth- sanguine to be sure. It makes me smile, and certainly filled with elan. I also had a very nice lab- practicals are done and onto the lab quiz midterm. Last exam went very well, (Thank God) and I am feeling slightly more in control with this. Other classes are going well, so, it's all good.

I have played the mother lion today- went after Nicks Alg. teacher to figure out what the hell her issue is.... just finished with Randolph on the phone- I think it went well. We will see. I will pull him out of GH as fast as I can if things do not improve. Too much stress to put up with this.

Must sleep...Argh! Married for 9 years in 3 days. That was quick....!

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