Monday, February 9, 2009


These are questions I would ask.

I am hoping to garner an interview with the woman who has just secured (Not 100% sure about this- it's still kind of U of M gossip...but I have a very close contact. She is at a conference until planning on calling her on Friday) the biggest grant given for research on High Risk pregnancy and sleep apnea.  This project has been in the works for YEARS and just in the past month, it has been determined that there is a tie between sleep apnea/deprivation and preeclampsia.  And NO I am not sharing names just yet! :-)This is not going to be announced to the public for another couple of weeks as I understand it. Still trying to get more info....

Tell me a bit about your background? 

Do you have children yourself?

Where did you do your schooling?

Where did you begin your research? 

What led you to the U of M?

What decided this particular field of research?

Who is this grant from?


How did you gather your information?

Sample size?

What do you hope is the outcome of this research?

What do you see this research leading to next? (or depending on where things go, see if she is willing to share other things she is working on....the biggest issue with this is the "scoop" factor. If this grant is indeed as big as  I am told, I million for a single person..., that's a lot of money esp. today.)

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