Monday, February 9, 2009


talk about too much giving! wow, I am exhausted right now--on almost every level.

Done bitching.... :-)

April is in labor, so of course I am having monstrous cramps, because that's just how I do things- we have always had this really strange bond- I found out I was pregnant with Nick the day she delivered Tiff. If she got her period, well, I was sure to follow. I have no sense of my own body- I just go with whomever means something to me right then. Since I am in NO danger of getting pregnant now, it's kind of nice. :-) She knows it's a girl, and has "passed" all the U/S's with flying colors- thank God for them. So I am waiting to hear.... She is here, and text'd me at 11ish- but had not started labor, but her water had broken. Lyric- nice name.

At work, its been kind of nuts. I do have this lovely woman who is 90. When someone tells you they love you and they are 90, it's all good with me. She knows that her end is near, and it is. I thought we were there, but she rebounded. I just held her- Kerry is her RN, and we sat with her and when she was having the most trouble, she just came up so I could hold her. She must weigh about 90 lbs. She had the sense she would not make it thru the night- even though her numbers are good. She kept saying Thank you, and was so kind. Her docs are okay- but what can you do? so, comfort care, and hopefully a kind, sweet end. She wants to see her husband, and her son (who was killed by a drunk driver on Dec 23rd, many years ago. He was 28.) Her husband died a few years ago, and I heard about her life with him, too. It was a very lovely and happy life. She was fairly dismayed at the lack of dignity she experienced in the ED- "Everyone saw Everything. I was so embarrassed!" and then she told me a bit more about her husband- they must have had a very nice life :-)!! She is ready as I have ever seen anyone. She only has 10cc's out thus far this evening- so, hopefully....

I got a bit more about my other, very quiet man from Kerry- his entire situation has been caused by...3...bad...teeth. Yup- and, pretty sure he is not going to make it. He is VRE, so, it's hard for me to spend a lot of time with him, but I have gone in and spoken to him a couple of times tonight. He has been very kind, and thankful for everything we have done. He also has spinal involvement now- from the pacer lead that got infected. So, he is one sick man. 36 years old. I guess there have been some interesting family dynamics that have occurred since I have been gone. From what I understand, wife number 2 is not actually his wife, but was signing his papers as his wife. Wife number 1 got offended.... oops!

So, I am very boring right now.... when I have so much happening-my reserves go elsewhere.

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