Thursday, January 8, 2009

This was the morning we all dread- Late, Late and snow and ice.   Why that always seems to happen? But I am in class, on time and on this blog!

My goals for this class are to hone whatever writing ability I may have. While I am past the point of thinking I could ever have a career in journalism, I still admire the ability to be able to impart information in such a way.  Jo Mathias...I always look for her stories.  I think I might tend towards the sappy, but forgiving such things and moving past them is my goal right now. 

I read the article on Sanjaya Gupta with great interest- I worked with him for several years at the U. He was amazing then, and I know he will be terrific in what ever path he chooses. His ability to communicate is truly impressive- even then, as an intern, wet behind the ears, he was who patients wanted to talk to- because he was able to impart information in an accessible way. I feel great hope for a lot of the new administration with the choices BO is making (Oh dear- what horrid initials!) to support him in his very difficult job of turning the country around!

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