Monday, January 19, 2009

10 feature story ideas....

1)Changes small business are making in order to survive the current economic challenges.
 A business story
Identify local business that is making it in this economy, and the changes that they are making in order to stay in business. What their view is on the coming year

2) Equine Rescue, a labor of love
CANTER, And other equine rescue groups. Slaughter is now outlawed in the USA, and this has caused the numbers of unwanted horses to rise significantly. With hay prices at an all time high, Rescues are suffering greatly

3) Mr. T- and his new heart
Follow the story of a patient that has gotten a new heart- both the positives and negatives. UMMC has a great transplant program, and has performed huge numbers of transplants- there have to be organ donors and loss with all the gain. Complex to say the least! (would be difficult as the laws demand privacy-)

4) How Facebook is bringing people together- even those that are older
Not 100% sure
Talk to the people that gave rekindled friendships on Facebook esp from High school. How has this changed things for people?

5) Community Farm- Stay Local and loyal
Talk to community Farm people and see what their thoughts are and what they serve for the public

6) Living off the Grid- the story of a family that has made it happen
Profile and numbers
Find someone off the grid, see what they are doing and how it works for them

7) The life of a farm vet on the road
Profile and unfamiliar visitor
The Farm vet is alive and well! Its a life that is hard and harkens back to  a different kind of lifestyle 

8) Children of Iraq vets face the holidays
Profile, kind of...
Talk to the programs that provided for kids and talk to the families that have benefited from this
9) FoodGathers face their toughest year ever
Numbers as well as overview
Talk to FoodGathers and find out how their fundraising has gone over the past few years.

10) 2nd careers- why are so many people changing?
Numbers, overview as well as profile
find students that are older and what they are doing back in school!

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