Monday, January 26, 2009

Attraction, again

I believe that attraction is deeper then what we know. In that there lies an attraction factor. I can't explain it better then that. Some people just "do it" for others, and others just look and don't get it at all. Obviously, you can take it farther then that....

I have the loveliest man as a patient tonight- he is 70ish, and well, one of those guys that is not the most lovely to look at- life has been hard, obviously, for the past several months. But, there is something about him- that kind of intangible feeling when you know that person is just good, lovely and their heart (yes, I know) is honest.

Yesterday evening he was sat'ing in the 80%'s. Couldn't get more O's into him. I was helping him eat his dinner (most interesting, thru a face mask, and my total lack of depth perception- but we got it done!) and we began to talk.

I found out about his kids, his wife, his jobs, his love of fishing. I guess that the real answer to his increasing sats was the fact he was taking deeper breaths to talk, but I also think there was more- a will to live that came back. He loves chickens and horses and told me about his farm- 80 acres, with a valley where the deer played. He was just so much more there then when I first met him. He then looked at me and said, "What about you, kid? What's your story?" He then said..."you made me feel so much better...thank you."

I told him I'd bring in hard boiled eggs for him to eat, since they were organic and from our chickens. (Not entirely true- our hens are on strike, however, the eggs I brought in are free range and organic... did it really matter at that point that they were not from my hens?) and he was just grateful.

They (after so many attempts it made me sick, as I swear I feel some peoples' physical pain) got a triple lumen in. Thank God.

Yes, I brought him eggs. And best of all, he was still on the unit to enjoy them. I think the prayers worked.

And we just got a call that he is VRE. :-(

Then, I must write about the man who said he died. Asked me repeatedly WHY he had not died (not why he was alive, but why he had not died. I think that is interesting.) He remembered that he had been shocked and when he were placing him for a turn, he was very scared. He remembered everything. Kept saying (and hard for him to talk as he is just off the vent) "Are you going to shock me?" I kept saying no, and he (thank you versed...) kept asking.

Bits and pieces keep coming back to him. He wanted his watch, glasses and necklace. He had his necklace, and did not believe me. When I took it off to show him, he held it as if he was getting to know it again. From what I gather, it was his dads.

For some reason, I really like that transition period. Now, this guy is young, bold, brash, funny and (obviously) single. He is coming back very quickly- and so its a fast forward version of what we usually see.

His comment about being shocked is...
"it sucked" but now he had angels.

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