Thursday, January 1, 2009

I would swear that somewhere I said NO MORE HORSES didn't I? I mean I sold one, and that's good for many reasons. (the mi economy- undeserving of correct punctuation)  

But then I started kind of looking. Bad. Bad.  And I hit pay dirt. 2...2 for almost nothing- well, one was a stallion (yikes) and the other has a fractured sesamoid bone (double yikes). The stars came together, and they came back to Foxview. I adore them. Especially the stallion now gelding, North. He is exceptional. He must have a hole- they all do, don't they? I sure have not seen his yet. He and I strolled in the frigid weather around the property on the trail. He has been on stall rest for 4 days (rather longer, as he has had no turnout except for small times in the arena) Remember- this was a stallion 4 days chain, lose lead, and just like strolling with a friend. I admit, I was probably talking to him as if he would answer.  He is so calm and quiet- so rare in horses, esp OTTB's. I hesitate to say this, but he may be the one I keep thru school. Because he is so damn easy.  Well, he must have a hole, they all do, don't they?

Tahoe is really a comedian. He has been on a lot of stall rest- has 3 more weeks- and is VERY good about it. When I let him walk in the aisle, he is sound (because he does trot! :-) )  and when I am in the barn just doing something- he is watching all the time. HE wants the attention. Now he acts as if he is A)Headshy and B) spooky.  But, here is the thing- I have powerpacked him and given him gastrogard for 4 days now without a halter. So he is a faker in the best of ways. He is going to be a fancy horse, probably more then I need or want for the next several years, so hopefully I can find someone for him. Or then again, maybe not.  I mean, who knows? I just am not sure I can find the time to ride...we will see.

All the news here- class starts soon- not at ALL ready.  But oh well. I am going to see if I have 1/2 a chance to get into PA school next fall. This is a rather long shot (really long shot) but...never know unless you try!  The economy is just shit. No other way to say it. Art struggles, but it's good, because it means he is still at it. I am glad that 2008 is over with.  I have now been at the U for almost 6 months. Amazing how quickly that has gone! (If I was in PA school, I'd be 1/4 done! lol)

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