Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just found out that Behi was right

We were sending a pt off to the OR, and Behi came up as transport was taking him down. He stopped them- and said..." I just don't feel it's safe right now...something is bothering me."  He sat at that monitor for ever, staring at it, staring at the tapes. "It's sinus, but there is something." People were very irritated...this guy was a PITA, and his family worse. Very intense, very critical. Frankly, we wanted him gone. I spoke to B and said..."trust it, it's okay, don't worry about what people say. It is you that has to make the decision." He said back "I don't understand what is it, but he keeps popping in and out and something is just not right."

He is one of the "good ones" right now. I really like him a lot. When Mrs. X told me she wanted to withdraw, I called him in to her room. As she was telling both of us, we both began to cry. This woman had been fighting for so long and the only reason she was fighting was for her husband. She had been on the list for ever, but no heart came thru- she kept getting sicker and sicker. She touched so many lives with her strength. But she was done.  It was past hard for her, and understandable. But the compassion that he showed....

So, I just found out that the patient died during the procedure. Behi was indeed right. That 6th sense is one to be listened to, isn't it?

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