Monday, January 19, 2009

Okay- now for some reason I cannot actually get this to copy! Darn it!
But I will continue here- not because I should, but because I cannot not do it.
Better then to continue to bombard with emails.  I sense that I am not in control, tat this is something past me, past my being and sending me into something bigger then me. I am thrilled to be on the ride- feel deeply alive, and fully content if not somewhat stymied and scared for the drop. This feeling of being wrapped up- a chrysalis being formed and I am emerging. Yet, I may be making an error in judgement. How to know if I am not being...past rational behavior??   
I know I am filled with passion, have been and live my life that way. I follow what I know to be true for my heart and deeply follow it- to a point of exclusion at times. This may not be good. 
I want to breath, absorb, share, mix, touch, taste and adore. I want this love story to never end-to be until the end of our time, to pass into the next several lifetimes.   I don't think I can wait for the promise of a next lifetime. I want this lifetime, this energy, this aliveness.

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