Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Living off the Grid- Families that have chosen to use alternative sources of energy and how they do it.

This is a web site for people that have chosen this sort of life style. It is very broad...and not centered in Mich, but I would look here for ideas on where to look further.

This is an article where a family in Vermont will experiment with 6 different energy sources.

This is a site that is just dedicated to Washtenaw Co, energy plan, specifically a wind generator. I did not know WC was doing this!

This is a site that is just for WC also- I think this would be a personal interview possibility.

I would also call those people that are advertising on the billboards that are all over town, but strangely cannot find them on the net.

This is one site, but not sure if its the same as the ones on the billboards.

As much as I dislike USA, I would also try and approach some of their sources.

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