Friday, March 26, 2010

what one does before becoming a PA-S

It's clear, I am scared. Scared a lot scared. I have poured myself into making cards again, have ridden more this week than any other in past memory(i spoke of that earlier- nice nice nice!). I have finally moved past the Taco issue (had to put that one to bed once and for all, and thank God I think I might have!)  I have walked into my "office" and thought about how I need to change it. Maybe I will start that today??
Maybe not. I keep feeling like I have something I am supposed to do today, and can't remember what it is!

Here are some of the cards. Some, I really like a lot...

This one made me want to do another...

and this one was that effort.
                                      I like my first one better, I think...But a happy mistake is the pseudo face that appears in the bottom right....

I then decided that I would try this.... 
This worked out okay- I think. That is the fiber stuff that I am SO not good with, but this was a cool way to use it, I think. I used UTTE for the enameling.

I then used UTTE to make this. It was on paper (Not such a good idea, 
as the actual image was non-existent once I fired it up...oops. Glad that I had outlined it first!

So, anyway, a few cards. I am now going out to feed...hope nothing "oops" greets me! Why is it with horses that so many "oops" happen?????

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