Friday, March 26, 2010

Reason become a BIG BOY!! (and I continue thinking and my good luck continues)

Well it happened!  I blogged earlier about starting to work with Reason. Well, today I long lined him. And in the spirit of my earlier posts, one thing leads to another (this is how school girls get in trouble...not like I know anything about that... *blush*) and I took it a bit further. And for the love of all things equine, that darn little pony just walked right up to the plate and hit a home run.

Now, please know, I have no fucking clue how to long line. I mean I "get" it, but I don't know how to do what I get, if you know what I mean. So, it was kind of another Laurel and Hardy moment where I was untangling the lines, and trying to figure out how to run them thru the irons, and how to attach them, and why the hell are they so long????????  So, off we went. I wish I had pics, because I am sure there were moments that might have made the epic fail blog, of which (in my dreams) I am often the lead story.

Reason might have been the poster child for a well raised horse. Kind of like my daughter. Made me look good. He was...well, not just good but Tony-the-Tiger great. And seems to be my way these days, I of course thought...

"hmmm, that went well. I had better get on him- just so he remembers his(eventual)job."

So I did. Outside. Using the Rock. With a  PITA JRT underfoot.

I might not be the sharpest pencil in the box (mixing metaphors I know... but this thought deserves as many as possible.) at times. I guess, however, that I am lucky sometimes and with Reason that has indeed been the case.

So, on I go. And I say...Walk on!  And he does. Remember 3 days ago when he only would back up, trying to get his head at my shoulder??  Well, that was not today!  So I decided  that since that went well, we might walk down the drive way.  I don't know how to upload to youtube- but I have a link to my FB page where I have some of the video posted.

Hope that works!! If it does, here is another....

I actually got everyone ridden today... Tahoe was good, Wrainthur was good,
although we did take a rather unintended spin in the woods due to a strange
piece of something that he has seen at least 100  times. 


So, hopefully more tomorrow!

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Anastasia said...

Hooray!! I just read all the old COMH posts about those dark days in early 2008 when both boys were so sick. Now I read this and cheer.

I am sure your long-lining was not an epic fail, but even if it was, it is good to teach horses tolerance! I don't know if Taco was born that way or if you taught him to be so forgiving and generous. :)