Friday, March 12, 2010

A Taco Day...

A day filled with reading entries about Taco...reliving the past thru my words and actually feeling how difficult that time was with him. It was REALLY hard, and I can hardly imagine that I sold him.

So what is strange is that it was the right thing to do. I know that. He is in a much better place for him- and therefore, it was/is the right thing. Stacy is fantastic with him and even as it is hard to say, I know that Taco has become a team with Stacy and has moved on. So, I come back to my kind of difficult place of knowing that what I want is not best. And I want best at all times.

My post earlier said that I try and see the bright side at all times. I do...and I remain committed to that. So, I am not exactly going in the right direction when I am sitting here in my personal quandary. Because I am not exactly seeing the bright side. Trust me on this, I want to.

So, the bright side is this. Taco is being fantastic. His jumping is amazing, and his flatwork is right back where it was 3 years ago before he got hurt. He looks amazing, and is happy. He has been really healthy, and all those hours and months of rehab and work really paid off. He made it...thru hell AND high water, he made it. And he could not have a better person than Stacy- and her support team is just amazing. It's all so clear and simple. Amy has done great things for both of them. And I can really see the progress in Stacys riding. It's quite impressive! I sure would not want them in my class at any show!

My bright side is I got into PA school.

God, maybe I just need to get over it. I just can't seem to....

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