Sunday, March 14, 2010

Okay now...

So, I just went back thru the CoTH forums and looked for Taco threads. Of course, there are several. I did not read them all- maybe I will some day- but I read enough to be amazed at what that horse went thru. He is such an amazing critter.... Actually, critter is never a word that should be attached to Taco. He would be much more likely to call himself an equine. Or Equid. I am not sure that he would know what that meant, but he still would call himself that.

But what remains is that he truly is amazing in how he just made it. Despite everything. Now, I have to say that I might not have gone that route again. Very expensive and heart-breaking. But I did, and so, here it is. And it is a testament to his vets and his support crew that no one ever gave up on him. He does have that special "zing" that makes him somehow worthy. And Taco is worthy. No question about it.

So onto the search for names for Tahoe. I keep thinking it has to be iconic- but for what? I am not sure. Something about this change, and flow and difference. Something that says change is mixed- not all good, not all bad. Something that included water. But, not sure.

but for memory road---here are some of the CoTH threads... The one I'd Love to find is of the CCI where it was an almost no go. But I think those are lost for good...sad....

Here is one thread... 
and another
and yet another

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