Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A glorious day and then Tahoe gets Nephrosplenic Entrapment- what????

the hell is that??  I had no idea. So. here is Tahoe earlier today...

He looks to be very happy, as he should have been. That changed in a big fat hurry...but several hours later, really.  
But prior to his  Nephrosplenic Entrapment...  (the good part of the story) we had the most lovely ride. He was perfect. I cantered him both ways (okay, this seems small, but this horse could buck me right on off should he choose- his canter is a bounding one, with great push from behind- all the better to buck with, m'dear!)  Then, we ventured outside down the drive, thru the XC pasture, and played on our log. Okay, since I don't really jump when no one is here, I walked over it. We did have a few moments when he thought that trolls and tigers lived under the logs, but overall, was pretty good!  THEN!

I took him over to our driveway stone wall. And without an issue, we began to circle and added in the wee drop to our circle and he was perfect again!  I was, needless to say thrilled. They say we get what we need, and not what we want...I did not WANT another horse, but I think I may have needed Tahoe.  I realize that is a bit backwards, but oh well, I'll take it. So, he was one of my rides today.

I have to say that the other boys were just superstars, too!  Reason was such a grown up! I lunged him, and then, again, without fanfare, got on him. Now, forward is not understood, as he walked next to me, right? So in his Reason way, he kept backing up, as I was saying walk on.  It took me a moment to figure out what he was doing. He was trying to figure out how to get next to me! Funny how I stayed the same distance the whole time- Silly Reason!  And Wrainthur was just fantastic, too! He went right to work, with a smile, and did everything I asked of him willingly and cheerfully.  

There are times in life where you pinch yourself and say..."I am the luckiest person I know!" and today was one of those days. Just perfect. I did not stress about dinner (and am snacking on Cap'n Crunch as I write this waiting for barn check."  I had that kind of happy that just deserves to be talked about. I took lots of pictures of the horses in the sun, and it was just...beautiful. Despite the mud. Beautiful!

Wrainthur with Tahoe peeking out...
Bobbi above and Tahoe an hour before his issues...

Then, I fed after dinner. Tahoe came in- slower then normal, and did not dive into his slop. He then began to toss his head, and for all intents and purposes, appeared to be colicing. Yet- he was pooping and farting. Hmmm. Vitals were off, HR was high at over 50, resp btw 20-30 and he was banging into the stall walls. He then would wrap himself around me as if to say...MOM! HELP!   The onset was quick enough that I was worried. So emergency call here we come!

So...what gives?  

Nephrosplenic Entrapment most likely! The onset is very quick and violent. They almost look like a neuro case. Nothing touches the pain that I possess and I know that we were very lucky that A) Christy came out...and B) I noticed it right away. I knew that the onset was very quick, and I knew exactly what he eats and well, it ended (thus far) really really well! He got a lot of drugs (I can't remember...bad horse mom!) and rectal was abnormal. No gut sounds on the left to speak of. HR was 54, resp 26+, temp 99.3. So, the rectal was abnormal because his bladder was over distended. His spleen was away from the body wall. And, the manure that was there was very wet and soggy.  He was tacky for his mucus membranes, however.  When she tubed him he was (rightfully) not a great patient. So, he bled- almost a 1/2 bucket full of blood (gross). This, however, was good for his speen, as it shrunk it some. In addition, we took him down to the indoor and made him RUN! He was now pretty sure that his human had gone totally nuts. But, then, about 10 min into it, you could see his hind end freeing up and he really seemed happier. the acid test was putting him back into his stall, and lo an behold, his dinner suddenly looked good!

So, I am heading back down to check on him and hope that all will be good. God...I was really scared for a moment....
Reason- later on in the day.

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