Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I always said I had to go to Cat School. I have had cats before, but in this case, with our cats I am out of my league. So, this summer we ended up having 3 orphan kittens arrive at the farm. About 9 days old, they needed milk and lots of feeding. So, one found a home, but we ended up with 2...called (by me) Hilda and Zoey (or by the boys, Orange cat, and calico cat). Now, I have a lot of experience with orphans. What I know is that a mom (and dad) is VERY important, as they teach the rules. Zoey has obviously decided that she is a JRT. She burrows under the covers, sleeps right between Art and myself at night, and overall, runs the roost. Here are a few kitty pics. What can I say? I like the kittens.
Then, we have LUCAS who deserves all caps as he is HUGE. 

And then, Rocky, who deserves mention only because I am fairly convinced that nothing in the world loves me more then Rocky.

But then, there is Hilda- named for her crazy love of brooms.  Here she is, at about 12 days wrapped in Nicks arms. Cute, huh?

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