Wednesday, March 10, 2010

today is the day to be productive!

So here are a few pics that I have taken of the Tack Room Cleaning In Process. Okay, yeah, this is the feed room- sorry, but...
The water heater broke and therefore, flooded the tack room. So, we had to take every thing out. EVERYTHING.
This gave me the opportunity to clean the pit that it had become. Here is phase one...

What I found in the tack room has some kind of sad moments. I found Tacos feed bucket from oh-so-long ago (reduced feed as he was on stall rest- see entries in Feb) Daves SmartPak container and I also found, complete with milk drops in it, some of Reasons milk buckets. Now, this had nostalgia attached to it, but also a certain amount of YUCK factor. Really? I am that bad? Gross.

So, after attempting to solve the Privacy vs, want people to see things, here I am! Heading back outside, trying to get things clean enough before the vet gets here....shots, coggins and more today! Chaching!

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