Tuesday, March 23, 2010

K- I'm over it.

Feeling a bit sorry for myself I admit over the past few weeks. Done. Finished. Feeling okay.

So, I am heading out to the barn, but thought- hmmm, I'd update here. It's been over a week. I am entering my last week as an official non-student. It's been a semester, and guess what? I like it! Best change that way of thinking, huh?? We have a meeting with the entire class on Sunday for dinner. Then, on Monday, it's official. I am going to orientation. I will then become a PA-S.


Worked a lot of hours the past several weeks, but I am not planning on picking any more up. Therefore, I have 4 more 12's to work. I am going to miss a few of my co-workers so much- Mary, Kerry, Laura, Lauren, Lori, Andrea are a few that come to mind. They are very unique. Wonderful nurses.

So, more later, but off I go to finish feeding!

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