Monday, July 7, 2008

Well, does it make you a success when someone quotes you? Or something you have written as " lengthy and elequent plea for instruction" and then quotes a full paragraph (in correct MLA form, I might add!). Well, it was lengthy and glad someone thinks it elequent! It did give me a thrill, and was the opening to a long article. First sentence pointed to that column! (okay, nuff gloating. Work to be done...)

WHILE NURSING A SORE HEAD AND ELBOW (okay, and butt...) Mr. Taco decided to buck after his leap across the small log in the front pasture. BAD BOY! Off I went- yeah, I am not in riding shape, he took full advantage of that. I bounced (thankfully, still) and thankfully well on the way to the Middleaged Freshman(even tho I am not) 15. I imagine myself as that blueberry girl in Wonka- my eyes are becoming slits. My cheeks are covering everything. It's (in a word) Ugly. But I am eating as if there is no tomorrow. Lord. My butt appreciated it yesterday, but my mind when the scale told the tale? Not so much.

Anyone got good snack ideas?? No cal snacks? For now, I am enjoying my very own loaf of cherry pecan bread. Very good- even better with butter. Mmmmm. I guess I am a stress eater, huh? yes, I think there are a zillion calories but who cares? (No comment.)

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