Saturday, July 5, 2008

Okay- so I am going to do both blogs I feel I might clutter up the other blog with my musings.

I LOVE ONG! Oh my- such contrast in me- my I wanna only think about this vs. my practical, you gotta do this life. I think that is why one teaches- to balance that. Now I see that, understand that.

Great to read and think about. I think I may have encountered him before in a linguistics class at National oh-so-many years ago. It was nice to read and absorb and get a part of my brain working that has not worked that way at ALL for years. I think that Art and Nick may rebel soon- it I continue to bring it up over and over...reading passages to them, they may end up leaving the room even earlier!

Tomorrow is the bead sale. Yup...its at the back of my mind!

I am going to enter Taco at Richland. I think at Training. It will be good- no classes then, a break so to speak, as long as I can schedule it off work. I rode him today, inc. working on Counter-Canter and it was lovely! SO, I am hopeful.

Job interview on the 22nd...17 days, but who's counting???

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glencadia said...

This is your farm? How great. I linked to my dog camp blog. I am still quite stunned by looking at all this to comment coherently, so I will continue to comment incoherently until I go back and read more... and a class. And all these horses. And this incredible barn. This seems serious!