Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Taco is feeling all too good!

so, for the 2nd time this week, Taco bucked me off. Total "flip off" (take that how you will...I mean it in all it's possible ways.) He is a BAD boy. What this means is that I will not enter Richland (which is okay, as really my plate is all too full!) but will still attempt to get him in some semblance of shape. It appears that Cathy may buy Doc, which again, I think is sad, but good. I am glad that he will go to Cathy-she will be good for him. The money will go to good use. I can hardly imagine selling him. I adore him. BUt thinking about one less bale of hay a day, less shoes, less grain, less stalls and bedding? Well, that's okay. I must do well in school. I must get done and must move on to a job that pays something.
I am totally TOTALLY having issues with all the changes. Sam's issues, Nicks issues, horse issues (Ranger hurt his leg- not a fracture, but a worry), Art's work issues- all weigh heavy on my heart. Add the job, and then school? Just even writing this sent my heart racing. Sure, I can do it, but...I am scared. I feel as if some of this is a test. Test to make sure that I can do it. So, there ya go. My whine of the day. Done.

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