Saturday, July 26, 2008

Understanding Comics for a non-understander. If that makes sense...

I chose this comic after going Through a lot of them. See, I don't think I am an honest comic looker. I look at the "pictures" and don't often look for deeper meaning. I tried to make fun of that on the discussion phase of this, but it fell flat. Blooopppp kinda flat (a comic term! Well, not really, but imagine the picture if you will....)

So, using what McCloud says on page 42, he comments on Audience involvement and identifying with the character. So, with this comic, I was able to do both. It's simple, but did make me pretty pleased. I actually GOT it.

When McCloud talks about entering the cartoon, you see yourself on page 36, I think that is where I began to see more of what this is all about. I did mention that I liked the Far Side comic, Bummer of a Birthmark, Hal- and had that up in my office for years. I understand that does not work for this sort of assignment, but what I understand now is that I identified with Hal. What finally clued me in was the character in the middle (and I don't know his name at all...). His frustration with his boss (Devil Horns guy) and his office mate "brown noser" is evidenced by his throwing up his hands in surrender.

So, he is surrendering, but so is she. Her stretch pants comment is great. It's exactly what they are for...surrendering. Do not ask how I know this, please. She is more willing to surrender, (even if I think of it as brown-nosing Devil Boss), and kind of gives up with the doughnut...and her willing-ness to understand what Stretch Goals are. I fill in words for her in my head.

But back to my middle, exasperated man. How he can have a look, such a look, is amazing. Yet, there is no look really. Something happens between the panels that makes you feel what he is feeling- total "You have got to be kidding me...(insert your choice of phrases here...mine would not be good for small children's ears). I know this is the type of "moment to moment" comic, (page 70) so not much time has elapsed, but doesn't matter. Something happens, and it's pretty cool.

In discussing this assignment with my family, I think I know why this is really hard for me. I am not dyslexic in the sense normal people think of it, but instead, I see the world upside down and backwards. I also have no depth perception at all. It's been since I was 3, as I was born horridly cross eyed and the surgery fixed that but could not fix that vision change that happens when your vision does that 2nd flip in your head. SO...the amount of activity on the page is difficult for me- probably why I never liked comics, when everyone else around me did. So, a reason, not an excuse.

I actually looked at a lot more comics, including the one that McCloud has in his book with the Don't Drive Drunk/RIP Carl one. I am still wondering about that one...and he did not clue me in in the book!

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