Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So, I enter the room, sit down and wait. and wait. Because no one knows what's going to happen next. Feeling sort of alone, yet endlessly tied to others -their needs can be exhausting. At times, I become 2- and number one says...No--patience, patience patience. 2 feels a bit put out. Just a bit, a small bit. But there is good, much good.

New car. Now how can that not make you smile? It's pretty atomic blue- and gets 36 MPG- what's not to love, huh? A Honda no less! there she is! (God what a horrid picture of me- I look...god forbid...FRUMPY!!!!) The she being the Honda, of course.

So, then, I am hired at the ICU- getting more then I thought I would with all that time away. That is nice. And the shift, if CK is right, is Thursday and Friday nights. Now, I tell you- that would be PERFECT. DARN perfect! I can do classes T/TH, and not miss out on the important aspects of school. So, I am really REALLY pleased about this. And I will have time with DH and DS which is nice, as sleeping late on Sat is really no big deal. And, I could probably figure out my schedule well enough that I could even get both horses AND exercise in. No reason I could not ride Sun, Mon, Wed, Sat is there? I mean, com'on! The frump factor cannot continue. I am a bit shy about having my picture taken- now I know why! Oops....slapslapslap.

In addition, Taco is probably going to Nashville. Doc to Cathys. Leaves Ranger, Skeeter and Reason for me. Yes, 3 horses is nuts right now but manageable. Might consider selling Ranger IF I could keep Doc. Doc is my little star, you know? I am glad that Taco will have his own person all the time- just his special person that loves him. So, all good there, too. It will be very sad, but also a relief in the long run.

So, lots of changes, breathless ones. I am hanging on, doing okay. Need to get sleep, and rest the brain. Had a dream-1/2 awake, 1/2 asleep) about Darren C- at a train station, and we ladies were giving massages. Outdoor train station at times, other times, indoors. Anyway, He was getting a back massage, and the lady was working on his (very attractive) back. When she got lower, he said, "Oh it's okay, hon "(in his MOST Darrenesque voice) "You're still above my stancky crancky." Why I would remember that, I have NO idea. But there it is. My world is strange. At least inside it is....

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