Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How ironic- with class, and writing as a technology, that text messaging would figure so predominately in my life yesterday. This IS public after all, but suffice to say that A) Text messaging can get you in trouble (Ask Kwame!) and B) Parents have entered in to a land they know nothing about. What is okay? When to check? What to check? And when to make other parents aware of what is being sent/said?

So- yes, in my life yesterday, I was slammed up against that parental wall. Not sure what I can do about it- and don't know if it's normal or not. What is normal?? Me thinks that using text as a way to flirt- in a very suggestive way- might be normal, but not the correct thing to do. Boy, stymied, I tell ya.

Then, my other Text messaging issue comes at another family members hands. This one may actually get legal. So, what we THINK is private, is not so private. Watch out, is Big Brother watching?

On another note, my class is an interesting activity in realization. The pretty, smart girl (Not me...) gets the attention from the prof. He answers her online posts, directly, but does not really respond to anyone else's very closely. It is most frustrating- yet something I had better get used to.

I turned in my paper, not sure if its okay. Well, turned in for peer review. There are supposed to be 4 of us- only 2 so far- me and John, who is artsy and more out there then I could ever be. Interesting to decode us that way! But, where are the other 2??? ARGH! Frustrating!

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