Friday, July 4, 2008

I made a friend in 328!

It's really strange, but when I began a discourse with a fellow student, I was stupidly excited! I told my DH, and somehow made the class...well, so much easier! It's a bit wierd I say, but who cares??
I need that sort of connection, and it makes me feel good! What else matters? And she felt the same way about the fox as I did- she was hungry, needed food, we had many things have our cats killed?? Even though we live on a farm, doing rescue, it does not matter in the long run. There are few that understand, really understand, the circle of life. I am all about that circle!

Farm news is just the same. Vet said that Ranger should be fine, and can enter a work-rehab program. Tacos leg looks okay- but worrisome. We have decided that we will do no more with him as far as the leg goes. He is on his own there! Reasons' blood work came back well- indeed an allergic response, the MRSA seems to be gone. It has only been 6 weeks, however, so my concern and vigilance continues.

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