Sunday, May 2, 2010

I made it home!

So, after a lot of - ahem- issues, we, meaning Reason, Tahoe, Izzy and myself, made it on the road back to MI. This is nothing to brag about, I assure you, but I had to do it, face reality, and get on with it.

Once back here, I realized that the horses, by necessity, will be taking a  back seat in the overall picture. Doc is for sale, and perhaps even Tahoe if the right person comes along. Actually leasing Tahoe would be great, but I need to figure out his silly kidney issues right now. He sure has something that is NQR about him. I like him a lot, so if I don't sell him, that's fine. I'd love the Doc money, however, incl. the Brenderup money....ah, for 20K sitting in the horse-kitty....Nice! (let me state right here that I hate money more than anything else in the entire world...honestly. Well, except child abuse... which is probably often spurred by lack of money.)

So, the trip back was not easy. The truck stalled numerous times, after dying right before I left when I had Autumn pick me up and drive me back to DarkHorse where there was NO power. Yesyesyes. What a way to leave. So Nick P came on Sunday night, took me out for dinner, and I fell asleep knowing that in the AM Stotts would try and solve my truck issues. Well, the damn thing worked JUST fine for them. Once I got on the road Tuesday AM, it started stalling. Thankfully, never totally died. But, the process was miserable.  I made it to MI in 11.5 hrs, and liked the actual drive time a lot- never went inside anywhere- just ate what I had in the truck and drovedrovedrove.  (I am on 3's today...)

So, the truck got me home...and it's status turned to Golden Truck after it died right after I unhitched it. Thankfully Art also was able to see that it was dead, and in his way thinking that I was doing something wrong (as we all would) tried to start it himself. And it did not start. This turns out to be strangely good, as when Palmer got the truck (towed in of course), it started. Now, if Art had not seen and tried to start it, it would have confirmed to him that I am a total whack job. I may well be one, but damn it, this truck has personality and it did not want to leave Tryon any more than I did. Love it when inanimate objects mirror my emotions.

So, the chicks arrived, and 7 died. That has never happened to me and it made me VERY sad. So, I am now at 21 chicks (went and got several more and gave 6 to Trish- 26 + 8=34-6=28-7=21.  See? Math skills intact. They are of course cute as chicks can be.

It's been the week of getting ready to get to PA school. I am trying to get the office in order, and have gotten Bookcases from Ikea which Art and I put together yesterday. I like it, and feel as if I am nesting for school. Its a process, but...oh well, getting there is more than half the battle- only one more week to get there! Sheesh! That  6 months went fast!

So, I started another blog as a PA-S, and will try to keep horse/family/animal/farm things here and more school and personal musings about being a PA on the other blog. I assume that I will cross my lines a lot, but know I am trying. Onto the other blog and the building of the office and Arts Trip to Ikea

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