Monday, May 31, 2010

Wow- beginning week 4 already...

We have had 4 tests already- and I think I have passed them. I know I have passed 2 of them at least- and am fairly sure about the fourth.  This week brings my first clinical- Card IM- at Grace Sinai. Please note: I have NO idea where this is. Where is my map, anyway?

Speaking of maps- I have decided that this is pretty much unchartered waters for me. I feel lost 90% of the time. I am aware that certain things are harder for me than for others- this is okay, but frustrating- clearly youth is helpful in the regard. I hope I will do well in clinicals. I am going to assume that my forte will be the time with patients. Clearly, anatomy and rote memorization are not my forte. There is one area where getting a B will suffice. :)

So, I have spent more money on books in the past month then in my entire life- even building my "horse" library. I can see how they will truly be important. I have lots more I should get, and even more that I'd like to get. I can see how Greys or the full-blown Netters would be quite nice.

I have great classmates- and a new husband in Anne Hall, seen above with her bright smile. Arts comment was we already look alike, which I will take as a compliment. She is bright, smart, sweet and quite funny. She also does tell it like it is, which I appreciate greatly. "Right??"

And, just as a last note- there is NO way that I could have prepared for this. Perhaps taken a "real" anatomy class, and maybe given a bit more of a damn in my sciences that I took. But for the overall picture- they said it would be hard, I believed them, but no way did I ever imagine it would be THIS hard.  Today is an okay day, but then again, I spent hours working this weekend. I decided to update this blog so I have some sort of record and since  type pretty quickly, it's time well spent just so I can remember. Because, forgetting might be the MO soon- not the information but the frustration of gaining all that information into my brain.

Hope that I will get better at updating things- but in the meantime, I shall believe what those that have gone before me have said- those that make it persevere at this point- it's not the brainy but the stubborn that will still be standing in 23 months. And  that drinking from a firehose is tough, just don't try and get it all at once- you can't and might drown trying.

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