Sunday, May 2, 2010

One week from today I will really begin!

I have started to put my office together and feel as if I am "nesting" and getting that space together. I want it to reflect me, yet also be very very organized. It's a mess right now (will post progress pictures). I got bookcases at Ikea and Art put doors on them which look amazing! So, now on to filling those cases and getting things done the best that I can.

I am planning on ordering the books that I really REALLY need tomorrow from Amazon. I have enough supplies and things to get the year started. I am very pleased that I have my live scribe pen. My laptop seems to be functioning okay enough, so it will be fine. Was planning on the iPad but don't think so just yet.

I have had a terrible time sleeping and being calm. Up this AM at 6:45, and will push that back 15 min each day until 5:30 is the normal time. Hoping to get to bed by 10ish and up at 5:30. This should work, but I am feeling very flexible in how I deal with everything. That's good, as the rest of my life feels VERY out of control!

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