Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First day...done!

I left to meet my car pool buddies when the sky was deep velvety blue and the moon was just a clear sliver of bright light.  This, I suppose was the perfect symbolism for this journey- I can't see much but there is a light that I am directed towards, and this is good....

The first day was filled with learning that I probably need more books than I currently possess, and that I had best get cracking soon. The problem with that is this: I have NO idea what to get cracking on! We did not get a clear guide line of what we are to do, so I am somewhat going to punt. I think I read on the Forum that getting those diseases that we are responsible for (our A list) as well as the B and C list is best accomplished by setting them on cards with each section clearly delineated. I will try and find that reference soon!

Off to day 2, and more PE!

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