Friday, May 25, 2012

What I will miss about Michigan (My Farm)

This was going to be just about missing Michigan-
 but what has become very clear to me is what I will miss is 
my farm, 
my flowers, 
my chickens. 
My house? not so much miss the physical,
 but will miss what I know.
What I know
...what I find important to me is what I know. 
What I can depend on, what brings me joy 
is stability.

 I realize that is very NOT 2012
 that we are supposed to be open to the moment, 
the power of change

No denying change is powerful
No metaphors missed here. 
but, clearly (to me)
 I appreciate the knowledge of knowing
that tomorrow, the sun will rise.

That is what I feel about this land
I know it as well as I know myself 
(which may be in question to me at times, 
so it could be argued-quite fairly-
 that I know my land better than I know myself)

 The garden has not been tended the past several years
Many reasons-

but each year, the flowers continue to rise, and surprise me each year.

I love this view

and as scary as it is, watching Reason gallop up the drive from the lower pasture, 
I love this view, too

But I will miss this land. I will miss the earth. 
I will miss being in a place that seems to know me, and gives me beautiful gifts each year,
even when I have had to abandon it

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