Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The dog and pony show

A bit of a move update. I am planning on making the most final of my major moves this coming weekend. I am very much not ready. The house is not sold, so I can still move things down slowly. but fear as I start my job, I may get overwhelmed and just want some sort of normal in my life down there. What that means to me right now is not entirely clear, but I am hoping for clarity soon enough.

The past four years have NOT been normal. I wonder how I will handle normal??  I am certainly looking forward to normal!

I took Nick to Chicago for his great Embarking On The Coast of California Bike Trip- he got a great airplane ticket from Chicago to LA.  

Millennium Park- dead center, that's us!

A happy accident photo. Gotta say I love my iPhone!
If I think too much about this, I realize I am a total idiot to let him do this. But I am not thinking too much about it, and instead realizing that there are few times in life where you can pick yourself and forget everything and just do something like this. This is his time. We spent a bit of time wandering in Chicago the day before which was great. I did manage to price line the worse hotel in the history of the universe so sleep that night was...not great.

I remember this fountain as a kid SO well, inventing stories in my head about the horses (actually serpents I think?) and loving the colors at night. Annie used to take us there, it was just down the street from the Apt that she and Dad had. 

I did not cry when I left him at 5 am, and he is currently on the beautiful coast of CA, in Santa Barbara. Lucky boy!

SO! The move!

First shift of animals will be Poppi, Cats (maybe all? Not sure if I can deal with all those cats in the car!), Tahoe, Bobbi, his Donkey and Wrainthur. Plants, hopefully. 

April, my dearest friend for over 21 years, has decided  (bless her) that she is going to drive down with me, taking 2 of my horses and the donkey for me. I will follow with my car (which is getting fixed as we speak) and b-rup which needs a new floor. I know I'd stress if I had any horses in there. The stuff in it is just fine. It's the thought of the horses getting hurt that would freak me out...especially after the Pollards trailer accident this past week- and since they lived in our house for a few years before we owned it, I figured that better safe than sorry.

Bottom line is this:  April knows me better than I think anyone does, and I truly love her for just being April and for loving and caring for me in spite of me.

I got a call this evening from a woman who heard from the Voice of Tryon  (Okay, not really, but This Week In Tryon really has all the happenings in the area and it's due to TWIT that I'll be able to keep up!) that I was looking for someone to help me keep track of feeding, etc when I was working. Ok- this may seems small but it's actually HUGE to me. One less thing to fret over.

More soon, but gotta pack!

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Seema said...

It is like karma for bringing Gizmo out to PA for me 10 years ago, so I did not have to worry about him