Friday, May 25, 2012

What I will miss about Ann Arbor

Call it my top loves list...not sure what will and will not make it on here.  I admit that the Five Year Engagement movie did highlight a lot of what the outside sees about Ann Arbor, in particular the most amazing Zingermans, which goes without saying is the absolute best. Yes, a sandwich cost more than my first apt did, but oh boy, worth it! The Bakehouse is outstanding, and of course, Mr. Nick worked there. Enough said!

But....starting with (what I am pretty sure is my TOP-Pun intended) is Summer Fest!   Top of The Park is a reason to be in Ann Arbor in the summer.  The list of bands that play is amazing, from the Ragbirds to other local bands- many of which will go on and become national names. Truly outstanding.

 Click on the link and I DARE you to not want to get down there and get on your dancing shoes. The movies are great, and the atmosphere is always wonderful, festive and - well, brings tears to my eyes to leave A2 just as summer festival is starting.

Of course, I just found out they are playing in EvanstonRagbirds in Evanston! A not to be missed show!

And then,The Arb...

this past year with Nick

Nick was very tolerant of my desire for pictures

There is a lot of A2 that is not seen by the causal visitor and the Arb has to be the best of the not-seens. It's beautiful there. I would often take family members of patients down there when the weather was nice when I worked on 7C. What I remembered most from living in the hospital with a sick family member was that leaving the hospital felt wrong but was essential-the old line of "you have to take care of yourself to take care of others". So I would bring whatever family member  I felt needed a walk down the steep stairs outside of Taubman, and within a 5 min walk, was along the river. Blissful, even in the midst of turmoil.

Maybe I need an Arb Walk....

Then, as far as food goes, Frita Batidos has to be a top pick for me. Just the general feeling of the place makes it a win on all levels. And the milkshake with the added rum? Oh Dear God...nothing better. I am not a foodie, but Fritas somehow has the perfect mix of...perfect. If you're in A2, it's a must.  Then, Pilars Tamales-   first had them a the famers market, and once I found the cafe on Liberty, tucked away in a strip mall, I found my place when I needed a great tea, or just some good old comfort food.   Marks Carts is great for a quick lunch, again, hidden somewhat from the bustle of the rest of the town, but once you find it, you are sure to go back.

Main Street won the award for being a top ten Main Street. It is. I think this is deserved award, and I will miss Main Street for a lot of reasons. The bustle on summer evenings, so many outside places to eat- festive even when its just a normal night. So many places that are Go To's for me on Main Street- Falling Water as well as  Peaceable Kingdom are both places that I can actually enjoy shopping at. I am not a big shopper, but those 2 places often get the nod when I need the perfect gift.

And since you're so close. stop by for Sonic Lunch  another great perk of Ann Arbor in the summer. It's usually packed, so go early and stake out your space. Bank of Ann Arbor really does great things for the community, which is just so nice!

The Farmers Market has just started to expand to an artisan market during the fall and winter months. Usually there are several crafters there during the normal farmers market, but what I love the absolute most is the plants, usually native to the area. If you see my "what I miss about my farm" post, you'll see many of the plants that I have gotten at the framers market.  Kerrytown (where the market is located) has a really neat history, and was created within the city for a village type feel. It's expanded beyond that over the years, in great part due to Zingermans I am sure. No matter what you desire, you can find it at Kerrytown, and the Farmers Market is a must go to spot.

Plain and simple, Ann Arbor is vibrant in the spring and summer. It's beautiful here during this time of year. Main Street is alive, it's (for the most part) very safe. It's a wonderful place to be.

And while it's not in Ann Arbor, Tree of Life dance studio is brimming with good energy, good movement, and truly one of the most gifted groups of woman ever. I have a friend that I met there, and she danced her ass off even when we both felt like standing in a corner might be the easier thing to do. I love her for it, and for the shared "Dear God, what have we gotten ourselves into?" moments.  Go watch them, dance with them, join the Zumba class- you will be better for it.

For horse stuff, the best instructor ever is Cathy Henderson at Cobblestone Farm. I did not get to ride very much the past 5 years, but certainly would have gladly re-entered eventing with Cathy at my side. She is one of the kindest, most honest people you'd ever want to meet.  

Of course, I will miss my U of M hospital friends, and supporters. I loved working there, and that I am not there, well, I never thought that I would end up any place other than the U. Lots of learning, laughter and tears over the years. A super hospital.... and the cardiac units, and the Heart Care Program will always be near and dear to my heart. (pun NOT intended but noted.)

I will miss my few friends that I have here. I don't have many friends, but when I "lock on" oh boy, it hurts leaving.  I have met a few people (and re-met a few) that if I stayed, I think would become very important to me. I am sad to leave that possibility.

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10 years later, I still miss a bunch of those.