Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'm glad you're here....

Yesterday I observed a surgery that was not performed by one of our surgeons, but one from another service. We had had this patient for as long as I have been there, and has been my patient since getting to our hospital. I asked the if I could observe the day before, and was told to page the attending to ask.

I don't do that. Call me chicken if you want. I'll take that rather than the wrath of an irate attending that is about to perform miracles in the OR on a patient I care about. I want that attending to be in a really good, balanced mood when they take that blade into their hand, not irritated with a student-much less a lowly PA student.

So, I went down to pre-op with the pt and waited for someone who knew something about anything. The resident showed up and I asked him when the attending might be there. He said..."I'm glad you're here. I already talked to him about it- he's cool with it."

I admit- I got a bit hot and bothered. In a good way. Those words made my day. Quite possibly my rotation. Not one other person has said that to me since starting rotations;I miss that feeling of being a valued part of the team. Even as a tech, the RN's would comment on my being there- that they were glad to be working with me that night. I know I make a point of telling people that their presence is a good thing- that I appreciate them caring if I see them do something above and beyond. When teching, I have even emailed a RID (Really Important Doc) and said how much I appreciate their care of a patient. That might have been a bit too "annika" but I don't really care.

So, thank you Dr. C, you made my week. I stayed late to watch the surgery, but instead got a boost of needed energy.

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